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Top 5 Clash Royale Best Mini Pekka Deck 2020 Arena 10+

Top 5 Clash Royale Best Mini Pekka Deck 2020 Arena 10+

Best Mini Pekka Deck 2020 Arena 10+ Hi guys Best Mini Pekka Deck 2020 Arena 10+ is here and these Best Mini Pekka Deck 2020 are working well in Arena 10 and above. In Clash Royale Mini Pekka is one of the best card in the game for the defense . However, he has great potential to counter every tank in clash royale so In this guide, I will show you Top 5 Clash Royale Best Mini Pekka Deck 2020 Arena 10+

Night Witch Golem Firecracker Challenge Decks

In early-stage, all you need to do is find out what deck your opponent is using and what his counters to your cards are and mostly play defensive and only counter push. (Or you can place your golem at the back if you know the opponent can’t punish you for doing that).

If he uses the Inferno Tower to counter the Golem, don’t use the Golem until Double Elixir Time because Golem + Lighting is very expensive Continue Reading »

Mini Pekka Lumberjack Deck | Dark Prince Lumberjack

During the first 2 minutes, I usually run Mini PEKKA and Lumberjack together and Prince and Dark Prince together as two pairs. Both pairs plus Fire Spirits can be devastating pushes as well as great on defense. I always try to drop Mini Pekka first to bait out whatever they would not play if she was going to defend. That way I can drop the Lumberjack and give them a little surprise.

During X2 Elixir, this deck is very versatile. This deck can either push a single lane with all 4, or push both lanes simultaneously with the two pairs Continue Reading »

Golem Executioner Mini Pekka Deck

Top 5 Clash Royale Best Mini Pekka Deck 2020 Arena 10+

The strategy is simple play golem at the back followed by Executioner, magic Archer or Dark Prince and If they play a Lava Hound, play a Golem on the other lane. Don’t play your Golem first unless absolutely forced to. Place your Golem behind the King’s Tower when you have defensive cards ready. Wait to see if they make a quick counter push on the other lane Continue Reading »

Mini Pekka Hog Firecracker Challenge Decks

Hog Firecracker Deck

Your general offensive Gameplan is to cycle small hog pushes with cards that synergize well with the hog. Some common hog combos in this deck are:

  1. Hog + Ice Spirit (great, cheap combo, usually used at the start of the game)

  2. Hog + Ice Golem (great at tanking for the hog and killing cheap troops such as skeletons)

  3. Hog + Firecracker (two very fast cards that synergize well with each other)

Hog + The Log (The log can be used to take out cheap troops such as skeletons, you can also send in pre-logs which provide area denial for the time that the log is rolling Continue Reading »

7.) 2.8 Miner Mini Pekka Firecracker Challenge Decks

Miner: This is your win condition. You wanna rely on it to get in chip damage overtime to burn away the tower, along with value Rocket when possible. Another great way to use the miner is using it’s main purpose, acting as a mini tank for usually-but-not-necessarily high DPS troops. Miner plus Ice Spirit, or miner plus Firecracker are quite devastating, but you can get some great chip damage with miner along with any other troop in the deck, like ice golem and ice spirit. You wanna rarely use the miner on Continue Reading »

Mini Pekka Hog Earthquake Deck Arena 10+ 

This Hog Earthquake Deck Arena 10+ is Fast Cycle and must be played very controlled. Make positive elixir trades and punish your opponent for bad moves. This Hog Earthquake Deck Arena 10+ takes a lot of practice because one wrong move and you are completely screwed over, so play it slow save you Mini Pekka and Musketeers for Defence and use these both card very carefully In last time, you can now play very aggressively Continue Reading »

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Thanks for Reading this Clash Royale Best Mini Pekka Deck 2020 Arena 10+ guide, Have Fun


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