Top 7 Best Arena 13 Deck 2022 Clash Royale

Hi guys today I will show you Best Shipwrecked Arena Deck 202022, These top 7 Clash Royale Best Shipwrecked Arena Decks working well in current meta and you win lots of trophies with this 

So come and take a look at this Top 7 Best Arena 13 Deck 2022 Clash Royale

1.) Hog Earthquake Deck 2022

Best Shipwrecked Arena Deck 2019

This deck is mainly a Cycle deck but it also has blitz components like the Hog and chip components like the Ice Spirit and Ice Golem with Mini Pekka

This Hog Earthquake Deck Arena 10+ is Fast Cycle and must be played very controlled. Make positive elixir trades and punish your opponent for bad moves Continue Reading »

2.) Pekka Bandit Gold Rush Decks 2019

Pekka Bandit Deck Arena 11+

The overall playstyle of this Pekka Bandit Deck Arena 11+ relies on Offense some time on defens The battle ram has a higher skill ceiling so it’s not exactly easy to use but it is very reliable for me to reach 20 wins 

this Pekka Bandit Deck Arena 11+ relies on Offense If you fall into playing the opponent’s style Continue Reading »

3.) Baby Dragon Graveyard Poison Deck

In the early game, your first and only priority is to figure out what deck your opponent is running, and what their counters to your Graveyard are..

Don’t go all out immediately, instead start off small with a Graveyard and Baby Dragon at the bridge.

4.) Golem Night Witch Deck

You will Win most of the time with this Golem Hunter Deck Arena 9 because every major push because your Mega minion can kill almost any Mele defensive troop, and your Baby Dragon can kill troops from a distance, as long as your Golem is tanking all the damage.

5.) Prince Battle Ram Bandit 

2v2 Wild Fisherman Challenge Deck 2019

You will want to slowly chip down your opponent’s tower with the battle ram and bandit mostly, and sometimes with a Prince. Constantly pressure your opponent to ensure that they are always spending elixir and that they have to leave a push unsupported 

if they are building up a big push with a tank in the back, so that you can counter the push for a positive elixir trade Continue Reading »

6.) Clash Royale Baby Dragon Pekka Ram Rider Arena 13

Baby Dragon Pekka Ram Rider Deck

The gameplan is very simple and you just have to Support your P.E.K.K.A by usingBaby Dragon + Electro Dragon to deal with supporting troops while damaging the tank, or just cut them off with Bandit or Barb Barrel Continue Reading »

7.) Poison Mega Knight Miner Gold Rush Decks 2019

The Mega Knight Miner Deck is extremely punishing and can win you the game on a single mistake from the opponents. The strength of this deck is its ability to do a strong counter-push with the Mega Knight

Your main push is pretty fast with the Miner + Bats or Goblins and has the Mega Knight Continue Reading »

Thanks for reading guys these are the Best Shipwrecked Arena Deck

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