Crash Heads Beginner Guide Wiki and Tier List

Hi guys, today I am going to tell you the Crash Heads Beginner Guide basically this guide is meant for newer players looking to advance in the Crash Heads game. These tips will help you to improve your game and become a better player.

So come and take a look at this Crash Heads Beginner Guide Wiki and Tier List

Crash Heads Beginner Guide Wiki

Free Rewards in Crash Heads

There are lots of ways to get free rewards in the game, you can collect free gems, free gold coins, and cards as well from chests and shops.

You can collect every day free gems or free gold from Shop ( refresh your shop)

You can also buy New Cards from a shop ( this is not recommended unless you want to buy legendary cards )

Complete Daily Quests and Common Quests.

Quests are one the most important thing in Crash Heads because it gives you free coins and new cards so I recommended you complete your daily & seasonal quests daily.

It will help you boosts your progression in the game, when you complete your daily & common quests daily.

Watch Ads and get Rewards

You can earn an ad mega chest after watching some ads,  you can get 10 gems after watching an adsalso you get some gold and chest from the battle bonus

Upgrade your cards

Your card levels and your deck plays a vital role in the Crash Head. I will recommend you start upgrading your low-level cards because it increases your Group.

What is Group in Crash Heads?

Basically, Group power is the average value of your All heroes power in your deck. Group power deals extra damage to the monsters every time you level up a card it increases your group power so if you have a lot of gold your better upgrade some of your cards.

Choose the Right Skill and Hero Card

Skills players important role in this game because after completing each step you get an option to choose 1 Skill so choose the skill as per requirement and heroes.

Freeze skill is my favourite because Freeze Spell freeze is 100% enemy.

That’s it for this Crash Heads Beginner Guide Wiki and Soon we will publish a  Tier List for Crash heads.

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