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Hi guys, welcome to our Ever Legion Guide Wiki, In this Ever Legion Beginner Guide, You will find Ever Legion team Composition, Summoning and Gears.

So come and take a look at this Ever Legion Guide Wiki – Team Composition & Gears. You can also take a look at our Ever Legion Redeem Codes Page.

Ever Legion Guide Wiki

Stargazing Guide

When you reach chapter 16 you will unlock the stargazing room in the tavern. Here you can get a specific hero for a high price. 2 Rules to Stargazing

  1. Only ever stargaze celestials or hypogeans
  2. Don’t stargaze using diamonds until at least 1o ascended heroes Stargazing Priorities

After those 4, stargaze Lucretia or Alna to ascend. Which should you gaze? Both are great additions to any roster, so it comes down to your goals and preferences. Whichever you build, you can merc the other from a friend.


In the Noble Tavern set your wishlist to have these heroes.

When summoning with diamonds only do 1OX summons because they are cheaper.

Grab a copy of these heroes using slot 5 of the wishlist (get and 1ox is the same a Lyca first though) With scrolls

Use all your faction scrolls and faction choice cards on Graveborn

Before Level 160

The first heroes you want to ascend are these 5.

Why these guys? Because they are Fodder, also known as Legendary tier heroes. (Find more of
these heroes in heroes-> portraits).

Here you see 5 fodder heroes are ascended and Ascended Tier heroes that are used are placed on the resonating crystal bypassing level caps.

When ascending heroes, you’ll need 2 things, copies of the hero and a hero of the same faction, that’s the helmet on the right. You only want to sacrifice fodder when it doesn’t need copies.

Another trap that people fall into is ascending heroes to Legendary when they don’t have the copies for Lt. It you do this your heroes can get stuck at level 140 and you will run out of fodder.

After Level 160

Fodder heroes are great, but they have a max level of 160. After that, you need to ascend 4 skill heroes.

To level past 240, you need 5 ascended heroes, so you should ascend 1-2 heroes from each faction.
ideally, they are both strong and you have copies.

Ideal Ascenscions

While supports and tanks (Brutus) can function at E+, your carry will need ascensions, so one of the heroes you ascend first should be a carry.

While what you build largely depends on what copies you pull, these are some of the ideal first ascensions. Red highlight means a carry hero. Daimon is the strongest carry if you get him.


Mythic Gear: Boots> Weapon> Chest > Hat

Boots give MSPD and dodge. The weapon is dodge, ACC, and attack Chest has better defensive stats than hat
with dodge/resists.

TI Upgrades: Boots > Weapon > Chest> Hat

Ti upgrades mostly improve the same stats that base mythic gear has, so the priority is the same.

T2 Upgrades: Weapon > Boots > Chest > Hat

T2 boots don’t give any extra haste, and the weapon matches their dodge with an additional attack rating.

Guild Store

Buy whichever of these 3 you need the most. Finish upgrading weapon +boots before starting on hat/chest

Don’t buy legendary gear. Anything before mythic will become irrelevant fast.

Faction gear is only worth buying once you have gear for most of your heroes and are trying to get a specific faction bonus. This tends to be pretty late game, so a decent estimate is once you have 30% discount it’s worth

Ever Legion Team Compositions Guide

Early team comps usually consist of1 carry, 1 tank, and 3 supports.

Carries should be 20-40 levels above the rest of your heroes.

  • Wukong is the best carry before level 100, but he drops off hard after that
  • Mirael is standard carry for 100+. She likes to be in the carries in the game.
  • Reinforce the middle back for most dmg. Daimon is one of the best him if you don’t pull him.

Tanks are next in line for levels after your carry.

Ever Legion Tanks

Supports are last, they usually don’t need levels to function.

That’s it for this Ever Legion Guide Wiki – Team Composition & Gears. Soon we will published Ever Legion Tier List of Heroes.

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