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Heroes Awakening Quirks Tier List – Best Quirks/Rarity

Ready to dominate in Heroes Awakening? Look no further because, with our Heroes Awakening Quirk Tier List, we’ve got you covered! Our Heroes Awakening tier list will help you to find the best Quirk in game.

In Heroes Awakening, a total of 17 available Quirks for players to choose from. These Quirks are categorized into different rarities. Among the legendary Quirks, players can access Half-Cold Half-Hot (HCHH), One for All (OFA), Explosion, Cremation, and Electrification. These powerful abilities grant unique and potent powers to the players’ characters.

Moving on to the rare Quirks, players have the option to select Cement, Zero Gravity, Decay, and Erasure. These Quirks provide distinctive and versatile abilities that can be used strategically in the game.

For those seeking slightly less rare options, there are two uncommon Quirks available: Ice and Air Propulsion. These Quirks offer players interesting and advantageous abilities that can aid them in various situations.

Lastly, there are six common Quirks accessible in the game: Invisibility, Gigantification, Hardening, Naval Laser, Super Strength, and Heal. Although common, these Quirks still provide valuable enhancements to players’ characters, allowing them to excel in different aspects of the game.

Heroes Awakening Quirks Tier List


Legendary: 0.5%
Rare: 4.5%
Uncommon: 41%
Common: 54%

Heroes Awakening Quirks Tier List – Tier S

One For All

Delaware Smash (50 Stamina)

Ultra Jump (200 Stamina)

St. Louis Smash Air Force (450 Stamina)

Smash (450 Stamina)

Full Cowling (700 Stamina)

Half Hot Half Cold

Ice Side:
Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall (50 Stamina)

Ice Slide (700 Stamina)

Freezing Spikes (900 Stamina)

Fire Side:
Wall of Flames (100 Stamina)

Fire Tornado (700 Stamina)

Devouring Flames (800 Stamina)


Explosive Fist (50 Stamina)

AP Shot (400 Stamina)

Blast Rush (700 Stamina)

Howitzer Impact (800 Stamina)

Heroes Awakening Quirks Tier List – Tier A


Blue Embers (50 Stamina)

Wave of Fire (150 Stamina)

Blazing Doom (600 Stamina)

Flight (800 Stamina)


Electric Shock (50 Stamina)

1M Voltage (350 Stamina)

Dash (40 Stamina)

Electric Drop (250 Stamina)


Cement Strike (50 Stamina)

Raining Pillars (150 Stamina)

Cementation (500 Stamina)

Zero Gravity

Skill Release (50 Stamina)

Meteor Shower (150 Stamina)

Pressure (450 Stamina)

Gravity Flight (800 Stamina)


Decay Grab (50 Stamina)

Decay (250 Stamina)

Area Shatter (500 Stamina)

Heroes Awakening Quirks Tier List – Tier B


Erase (50 Stamina)

Full Erasure (600 Stamina)


Ice Spikes (50 Stamina)

Ice Slide (700 Stamina)

Ground Freeze (900 Stamina)

Air Propulsion

Air Smash (50 Stamina)

Air Burst (250 Stamina)


Invisibility (50 Stamina)


Size (50 Stamina)

Ground Strike (200 Stamina)


Harden (50 Stamina)

Naval Laser

Naval Laser (50 Stamina)

Super Strength

Aerial Smash (50 Stamina)

Ground Smash (50 Stamina)


Heal (50 Stamina)

United Heal (200 Stamina)

The tier list provided in this article can help players determine the most powerful and effective Quirks in Heroes Awakening.

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of a Quirks also depends on the player’s skill level and experience.

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