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Clash Royale Hog Tornado Executioner Deck Arena 10+ ( Feb 2020 )

Hog Tornado Executioner Deck 2019

Hi Guys I will show you Hog Tornado Executioner Deck 2020 has become new meta and a lot of top-tiered players are now taking advantage of this combo also Pro Player is using these Best Executioner Deck 2020 in Current  Meta so come and take a look at this Hog Tornado Executioner Deck 2020 guide

Hog Tornado Executioner Deck 2019

Hog Executioner Tornado Deck Card Role:

1.) Executioner: This guy is a master of crowd control, and he is deadly when paired with you Ice Golem, Hog, and Tornado. Capable of taking on any swarm or horde, he can take them all out with one throw! Be careful though, as he is 5 Elixir. If used poorly, your Arena Tower will pay for your error!

2.) Hog Rider: Your main win condition and primary source of damage. Use him on the counter-push with remaining troops (Knight, Goblin Gand) but you really only want to be playing the Goblin Gang on offense once you have baited the spells out. You will want to be getting the most value out of him

3.) Ice Spirit: This card is used countless ways in this deck. First, using it as a guard for your Hog. If you see the pesky miner coming your way, drop the ice spirit in the center and let your towers finish the rest.

4.) Goblin Gang: These fabulous five are a staple in any bait deck They do incredible damage if left ignored on an arena tower and offer so much value defending Hog, glass cannons, Miner, and more! Bait out Zap/Arrows/Log and use them on offense with Hog or Knight. They can easily distract and kill any card for a positive trade

5.) Tornado: It is an area damage spell with a wide radius and moderate damage. The spell can be effectively used with the Executioner, the attacking units will be brought into Executioner attack range automatically, which will remove low-moderate hitpoint troops from a rush.

6.) Knight: Main tank. He is amazingly versatile. Especially at clearing out troops behind a tank, defending against splash and ranged troops as well as pesky E-barbs. Also if opponent uses Tornado, by simply using a Knight in front forces opponent to have to draw Knight out before Tornadoing the Hog, otherwise Knight will still tank and also will allow Hog to resist being pulled to the king Tower or center. Thus, you can potentially gain an Elixir advantage.

7.) Log: Super great value card for 2 elixir. Takes out any squishy units, and again isn’t very level dependent, being able to kill Goblins, Princesses, Dart Gobs, and more

8.) Fireball:  A prediction fireball can allow your hog multiple additional hits, taking a chunk off buildings like cannon and furnace, knocking back units such as electro wizard and mini pekka, and completely taking out barbarians and minions.

Hog Tornado Executioner Deck 2020  Gameplan:

The gameplay is very simple

This deck shines in ladder and tournament play. Also I don’t think I’ve ever gotten below 12 wins in a challenge with this deck.

Try to avoid aggressive Hogs as it can come to bite you back if your opponent uses a Goblin Gange and then Hogs at the bridge while you have a bad rotation.

I personally play this  Hog Tornado Deck more of a counter push. As you can see, most of the cards are good on both offense and defense. You want to capitalize on your opponent’s mistakes and create a positive elixir push out of them.

Thanks For Reading, Have Fun

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Thanks for Reading this Clash Royale Best Lumberjack Deck 2020 Arena 10+ guide, Have Fun

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