Inkbound Guide Wiki – Classes, Bindings, Vestiges

Looking for Inkbound Guide Wiki & Walkthrough? You are at the right place, Today we will show you Inkbound Guide Wiki. Inkbound is a fantasy co-op roguelike RPG developed by Shiny Shoe. Players embark on adventures, exploring the game world and engaging in battles.

Gameplay in Inkbound draws inspiration from Shiny Shoe’s previous game, Monster Train. Players have the ability to mix and match classes and can draft abilities as they progress through runs. So now come and take a look at this Inkbound Guide Wiki – Classes, Bindings, Vestiges Tips

Inkbound Guide Wiki – Classes, Bindings, Vestiges


Combat Areas and Initiating Combat:

After interacting with the tenants of the Atheneum, you can venture into unknown lands through ranked or unranked dives.

To start combat, every player in the party must enter the combat arena and interact with the symbol at its center.

Upon starting combat, a certain number of enemies will spawn. Additional waves of enemies will spawn on subsequent turns.

Turn-Based Combat:

Inkbound features a seamless turn-based combat system where all players take their turns simultaneously.

The number of actions a player can perform per turn is limited by the Will cost and cooldown of their Bindings.

Movement during combat also requires Will.

Will is replenished at the start of each turn, and any unused Will does not carry over to the next turn.

Energy orbs spawn on the arena at the beginning of each turn. Players can click on the center of an energy orb to gain 1 Will and decrease cooldown timers of currently unavailable Bindings by 1.

Player Bindings:

Each class in Inkbound has a set of Bindings, which are abilities or skills that players can use in combat.

The first Binding of each class has no cooldown and can be used repeatedly, even when other Bindings are on cooldown.

Second and third Bindings have moderate cooldowns (2 and 3 turns), but these cooldowns can be reduced through items, traits, or picking up energy orbs.

During a dive, players can gain two additional Bindings, which typically have higher cooldowns of 4, 5, or 6 turns.

Shrinking Arena and Victory Conditions:

As turns progress, the combat arena gradually shrinks, limiting the available safe space for players.

To achieve victory in combat, players must defeat all enemies in the waves or defeat the boss in boss battles.

Upon defeating the last enemy or boss, the combat phase concludes, rewarding the group with killings and loot.

Enemy Attacks during Player Turns:

Some enemies can act during the player’s turn, indicated by a crossed sword symbol with a number beneath their health bar.

These enemy attacks will be executed once a specified number of Bindings is cast by players.

When playing in a group, other players can dodge these attacks by stepping out of the marked area and returning to their starting spot after the attack is triggered by another player.

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