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[DEMO] Neo Soccer League Trello & Wiki – Beginner Guide

Hi, guys, welcome to our Neo Soccer League Trello, In this Roblox Game trello, you will some answers to your question. This Roblox football/soccer game is based on the Blue Lock anime/manga series. If you enjoy playing soccer, you’ll like this game. You can play with other players in Neo Soccer League and enhance your character’s stats, skills, and flow state.

You can beat your opponents by using the abilities that your in-game characters have. You can become the best striker in the world by increasing the level of your player abilities. So come and take a look at our Neo Soccer League Trello & Wiki – Beginner Guide, Tips.

[DEMO] Neo Soccer League Trello & Wiki Guide

Yellow Highlight on the Ball Means

This means the ball has iframes, meaning it can’t be stolen by anyone besides the AI goalkeeper. The ball gets 0.5 seconds of iframes when the person uses a skill or presses R to lift the ball into the air.

This can be used to break ankles if you time them right and predict your defenders

Possession Work

When you have possession of the ball or when the triangle is above your head, it means you can dribble and do skills with the ball. No one else can unless they press F to tackle to try and take possession.

If the ball is neutral, anyone can interact with it until someone interacts, and then they get possession. Ball becomes neutral when it’s far away from someone

Goals Counting

For a goal to count, there must be at least 4 people in the server (at least a 2v2) and you have to be in a non-private server. Also goals don’t count when you score on your own goal (lol)

Private Server

You can get a private server by going under the servers tab and buying one. When you get into one, you can go into the practice area like normal or if you walk into the stadium door, it will teleport you to a private stadium area where you can play with your friends or practice shots with the blue lock man. Goals here don’t count towards your rank or the leaderboard

[DEMO] Neo Soccer League Trello


I got kicked for “nah”, what does that mean?

You triggered the anticheat by clipping into a wall or the floor. This usually happens when you tackle or do a dribble skill near an invisible wall.

Why does the ball go backwards when I dribble?

This happens because you are walking backwards/holding S when you press m1. To dribble the ball forwards make sure you’re holding W and not holding S

What does flow do?

When activated, it doubles all of your stats temporarily. This bypasses the stat limit restriction for the demo. You can build up flow by dribbling and passing

That’s it for this [DEMO] Neo Soccer League Trello & Wiki. Looking for more guide, have a look at our Roblox Force Best Race Tier List

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