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Pekka Graveyard Poison Deck 2020 | Pekka Graveyard Deck

Pekka Graveyard Poison Deck 2019

Pekka Graveyard Poison Deck 2020 Hey guys Pekka Graveyard Poison Deck 2020 and Sample101 here. I wanted to make a guide for a version of my graveyard deck that’s finally clicked. I’ve played around exclusively with this deck concept for a while, but I basically haven’t lost with this version yet (15 wins).

It’s similar to Pekka bridge spam in terms of cards used but plays very differently. I realize it’s a lot of words, but the matchups aren’t actually important unless you’re planning on playing the deck. Mostly I was just excited that Dark prince -> Knight shored up all of this deck’s weaknesses .

Pekka Graveyard Poison Deck 2019

Pekka Graveyard Poison Deck Card Roles:

  1. PEKKA: The bread and butter of the deck, your counter to any big push, and also hog rider. Either left to die on its own after a good trade, or supported by graveyard/snowball/ewiz if you can get more out of it.

  2. Graveyard: Turns your counterpushes into a dead tower. Occasionally played cross lane with knight when PEKKA is going to slaughter whatever they dropped in front of it, or if they played witch behind tower. Correct placement is barely, barely encircling the tower. If their opposite side tower is shooting your skeletons, move it over one tile. Level doesn’t matter much with it, since either they counter it or they don’t. Still, if it leaves their tower barely alive level can be frustrating.

  3. Poison– Needed to kill big pushes like golem/NW, buildings, and also mops up ranged units played during a GY push. Usually save it for the building, unless you’re planning on whittling them down with GY poison.

  4. Furnace– Typical usage, but don’t be afraid to play it at bridge to kill princess, or 4/5 up from king tower to kill support units behind a miner. Can kill bandit by itself without taking much damage at all. Baits balloon 4 up, hog 3 up. If it’s not stopping a push, furnace is your secondary wincon. If they aren’t hitting it with spells, having 2 up makes your pushes easy. If they are hitting it with spells, they’ll have a hard time stopping graveyard.

  5. E-wiz– Stops pushes with PEKKA, solo stops most of hog rider, combines with graveyard to make inferno dragon placement really, really hard. You want it over musketeer because stopping prince, dark prince, hog, ram rider, and winning PEKKA v PEKKA trades is important. Musky is a good sub, if only because it will be higher level. Play this at bridge if your high HP PEKKA can be majorly helped by it.

  6. Knight– For the longest time I thought dark prince was key to beating bait decks. It’s not, more on that when we get to snowball. Knight is better because in a GY deck, you don’t care much about your unit getting to tower, and on defense, knight does everything dark prince does. Nothing really special here, except that it works weirdly well.

  7. Mega minion– No strong feelings here, but minions aren’t reliable (arrows, princess) and archers makes this deck a little too vulnerable to Valkyrie/Log. Play at the bridge to mop up, or in the back corner for some buildup. You’ll sometimes turn this into a GY push, so it works better than other runners.

  8. Snowball– Another all star, and the real key to beating bait decks. The main problem this deck ran into was that to kill goblin gang, you needed to spend so much for gy poison. Snowball kills basically anything they’d want to drop on into graveyard (Stab gobs die while they’re slowed), and pushes valk from her spot.

Pekka Graveyard Poison Deck General Strategy:

The Pekka Graveyard Poison Deck focuses on defending with positive trades into big counter-pushes with graveyard, PEKKA, and snowball/poison. Furnace creates a bit of chip, as well as stops enemy building targeters, baits poison (so you can graveyard), and is a bit of insurance against swarms like skeletons or goblin gang. It’s extremely reactive, only switching to offensive beatdown when a clear advantage has been gained, or to pull pressure away from cards that the deck has trouble with (switches lanes against sparky or witch, for example).

It feels like you’re playing a brick wall deck with little offense, at least until double elixir or a decent PEKKA/knight leads naturally into a graveyard. Early game, focus on value, furnace, and figuring out what deck your opponent is playing so you know what you need to counter. You’ll lose a bit of HP, but you’ll generally take out their tower from full or almost full to dead anyways.

If one of their towers is down, your late game push is any buildup/counterpush on the tower that is still up -> Graveyard -> Knight/Mega minion on opponents side in the corner -> Poison/Snowball.

Pekka Graveyard Poison Deck 2020 Matchups:

Vs Golem

Pekka and ewiz counter pretty hard, poison is added if they have night witch. You’re almost all counterpush here, and furnace tanks golem 2 up from the king tower. You can drop knight or mega minion onto their support if they’ll survive more than a couple seconds. If they stop playing golem, you win through knight (Behind tower), ewiz, and graveyard. Be patient.

Vs Hog cycle

If you survive, you win pretty easily. You have many tools to stop hog (Furnace, PEKKA, Ewiz), and hog cycle has no anti graveyard tools. Focus on defense, and your counterpush should eat them easily. Play the PEKKA as fast as possible, expecting the hog. If you do it fast enough, it should get 0 hits.

Vs Xbow-

This is really hard, especially if they get a cycle going where they consistently can kill your pekka without it touching the bow. Try to get your mega minion locked onto the Tesla or Xbow, snowball the skeletons, and try to support both sides. For example, the side that furnace is on is basically safe from xbow as long as you have PEKKA in your hand– so play your knight to slow walk on the other side. If you’re in a death spiral, take the opposite tower and let them take your tower. They can’t take your remaining tower because you can just drop your troops (knight, pekka, ewiz, mega minion) on top of their xbow.

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Thanks for reading this Pekka Graveyard Poison Deck 2020 All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome

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