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Peroxide Beginner Guide Wiki – Complete Starter Guide

Welcome to the definitive beginner’s guide to the game “Peroxide” on Roblox. This Peroxide Beginner Guide will walk you through the basics to help you progress in the game with ease. This Roblox game is inspired by the anime Bleach.

So come and take a look at this Peroxide Beginner Guide for new players.

Peroxide Beginner Guide Wiki

1. Starting Out:

Spawning: When you first load into the game, you’ll spawn near Kisuke or somewhere in the city.

2. Becoming a Soul Reaper:

As a regular human, you can become a Soul Reaper by talking to Kisuke. He will tell you that you have to die first to transform into one.

For becoming Hollows or Quincy: Get killed while being a human. After respawning, press G to transform.

3. Tasks and Training:

Kisuke’s Task: Once you become a Soul Reaper, head back to Kisuke for tasks such as picking up trash. Complete these to level up.

Skills: Every three levels, you get new skills. You can access and select them via the orange Reaper symbol.

Training Stats: In Peroxide, you must train your stats to genuinely progress. This involves:

  • Agility: Using the treadmill in the dojo.
  • Vitality: Train for increasing your health.
  • Riyatsu: Train it under your health bar.
  • Strength: Train it using the provided tools in the dojo.
  • Spirit: Train by stepping on the blue mats and following on-screen instructions.

4. Combat and Fighting:

Combat stats are crucial. Vitality affects health, while other stats have specific caps for each grade.

Combat technique: Learn to parry or perfect block to gain an advantage in fights.

5. Essence and Training:

Fight against characters like Kisuke to boost your stats quickly. There’s a 30-minute cooldown, but you can reset this with Product Essence. This essence can also be acquired via redeeming codes.

6. Maintaining Power:

Keep an eye on your hunger bar. If it depletes, your Riyatsu won’t regenerate. Ensure it’s replenished by consuming necessary items.

7. Shops and Invasions:

Visit shops to get different Soul Reaper outfits.

For invasions, speak to Captain Tojo. However, there may be conditions to meet before you can participate.

8. Gaining Stats:

Use the Soul Gourd: Kill Hollows to fill it up. Once full, give it to Kisuke, and he’ll grant you stats in your chosen domain.

Basic Controls and Game Mechanics of Peroxide

Player GUI Overview

Money Indicator: This displays the amount of money you currently have.

Health Bar: Indicates your current health status. If it empties, you’ll be defeated.

Cooldown Timers:

Blocking (Left): Shows the cooldown after blocking an attack.

Uppercut (Middle): Displays the cooldown post using the Uppercut move.

Dash (Right): Indicates the cooldown after dashing.

Level Indicator: Displays your current level in the game.

Reiatsu Gauge: This showcases your Reiatsu or spiritual energy. It might be crucial for specific moves or transformations.

Basic Controls

Light Attack: Press Mouse 1 or Left Click. This move is fast and doesn’t consume much energy.

Heavy Attack: Press Mouse 2 or Right Click. This move deals more damage but is slower than a light attack.

Dash: Press Q. Use this move to quickly move around, especially if your agility is below 10.

Flashstep: Once you’ve achieved 10 agility, your Dash will upgrade to a Flashstep. Press Q to use.

Transform: Press G. The animation for this can vary based on your current mode or character evolution.

Uppercut: While using Flashstep, press Mouse 2. This powerful move can catch opponents off-guard and delivers a strong blow.

Tips and Tricks

Master the basic controls first. Once you’re comfortable with light and heavy attacks, start incorporating dashes and flash steps into your combat strategy.

Monitor your Reiatsu. Certain moves might consume more energy, so always keep an eye on your gauge to avoid being left vulnerable.

Use the transformation wisely. While it can give you an advantage, it can also be predictable.

That’s it for this Peroxide Beginner Guide for new players

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