Peroxide Hollow Clan Tier List – All Buffs

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Welcome to our Peroxide Hollow Clan Tier List, In this article we will show you the complete Peroxide Hollow Clan Tier List with their buffs. In Peroxide Hollow Common Clans has 89% chance, Rare Clans have 9% chance, and Legendary Clans: 2% chance.

The majority of ghosts peacefully move on to the Soul Society after their death. However, some stay in the living world to fulfill certain goals, such as looking after a loved one, protecting a particular location, or pursuing a grudge from beyond the grave.

As a normal Hollow you have to beat up other hollows around the map for levels. (The best place to grind early on is hueco mundo)

These Hollows also spawn randomly around the map Killing it gives you 1 kill towards vasto prog.

So come and take a look at this Peroxide Soul Reaper Clan Tier List – All Buffs. If you are looking for more guidance, head over to our Roblox Peroxide Wiki page.

Peroxide Hollow Clan Tier List

Common Clans (89% Chance):

These clans typically offer basic modifiers to enhance foundational game stats, making them the cornerstone for beginners:

  1. Pyximes: +5 Spirit
  2. Reddark: +5 Reiatsu
  3. Hollargo: +5 Agility
  4. Vriess: +5 Vitality
  5. Terges: +5 Spirit
  6. Grindella: +5 Strength
  7. Llargaller: +5 Reiatsu
  8. Roldullen: +5 Spirit
  9. Harrett: +5 Agility
  10. Gillilga: 5% Agility multiplier (1.05x)
  11. Tergeaux: 5% better Health Regen (1.05x)
  12. Weskullen: 5% better Reiatsu Regen (1.05x)

Rare Clans (9% Chance):

Rare clans bring unique advantages with amplified stats, perfect for mid-level players aiming for advanced strategies:

  1. Gilga: 15% Strength multiplier (1.15x), 20% Vitality multiplier (1.2x)
  2. Rureux: 20% Agility multiplier (1.2x)
  3. Arruruerie: 15% Spirit multiplier (1.15x)
  4. Harribel: 15% Spirit multiplier (1.15x), 20% Vitality multiplier (1.2x)
  5. Llargo: 15% Strength multiplier (1.15x), 15% Reiatsu multiplier (1.15x), 15% Vitality multiplier (1.15x)

Legendary Clans (2% Chance):

The creme de la creme. These clans are designed for elite players, bringing unparalleled skills and impressive stat boosts:

Jaegerjaquez: Gran Rey Cero (Hollow Abilities), 15% Strength multiplier (1.15x), 10% Agility multiplier (1.1x), 13% Vitality multiplier (1.13x)

Cifer: Lanza del Relámpago (Hollow Abilities), 12% Agility multiplier (1.12x), 15% Spirit multiplier (1.15x), 15% Reiatsu multiplier (1.15x), 15% better Health Regen (1.15x)

Starrk: Cero Metralleta (Hollow Abilities), 15% Spirit multiplier (1.15x), 12% Reiatsu multiplier (1.12x), 13% better Reiatsu Regen (1.13x)

Louisenbairn: 40% EXP multiplier (1.4x), 15% Strength multiplier (1.15x), 10% Agility multiplier (1.1x), 13% Vitality multiplier (1.13x), 15% Spirit multiplier (1.15x), 10% Reiatsu multiplier (1.1x), 10% better Reiatsu Regen (1.1x)

You can also check our Peroxide Hollow Guide for more information.

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