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Peroxide Clan Tier List: Soul Reaper, Hollow & Quincy Clans

Welcome to our Peroxide Clan Tier List, In this article we will show you the complete Peroxide Clan Tier List with their buffs. In Peroxide, There are 3 types of clans Soul Reaper Clans, Hollow Clans, and Quincy Clans.

So come and take a look at this Peroxide Peroxide Soul Reaper Clan Tier List – All Buffs. If you are looking for more guidance, head over to our Roblox Peroxide Wiki page. for Soul Reaper Clans, You can check our Peroxide Soul Reaper Clan Tier List

Peroxide Clan Tier List: S-Tier:

Yhwach: This clan stands out not just for its multipliers, but mainly for its exceptional skill, the Almighty, which allows you to dodge up to 10 hits, including powerful ultimates, for a duration of about a minute. A game-changer, making it the best choice for many players.

Peroxide Clan Tier List: A-Tier:

Yoruichi’s Clan: Comes with a 20% agility and 20 strength multiplier. The additional flash step adds significant mobility.

Eisen: With a 15% spirit multiplier and 13% vitality multiplier, it’s particularly powerful if you manage to land its skill, which can deal massive damage.

Yamamoto & Old Man Clan: Both of these clans offer a whopping 40% EXP multiplier, making leveling up faster, combined with solid stat multipliers.

Lucario (Unlisted but mentioned): Offers 15% in three different stat multipliers, making it versatile and useful.

Peroxide Clan Tier List: B-Tier:

Grimmjow’s Clan: The skill can be potent if landed correctly but can also drain your HP.

Ishida: This clan’s strength lies in the arrow skill which, though powerful when you’re at low health, is challenging to land.

Stark’s Clan: Even though it comes with multiple multipliers, its skill is blockable and can be hard to use effectively.

Uryu: With a balanced distribution of stats, it’s versatile but lacks a standout feature.

Kurosaki: This clan offers a mix of vitality, spirit, and reiatsu multipliers, but the highlight is the skill it provides.

Chad: The flat 20 strength is a decent boost, and the health regeneration can be useful.

Peroxide Clan Tier List: C-Tier:

Swiper’s Clan: Mainly focuses on agility, making it more suitable for players prioritizing mobility.

Heshu Ref & Parka: Both these clans offer decent stat boosts, but they don’t stand out in any particular area.

Orihime & Bravo Sniper: These clans are somewhat average, with skills that are harder to utilize effectively.

Peroxide Clan Tier List: D-Tier:

Bravado: While it does provide an agility multiplier, it’s generally considered less effective than other clans.

Peroxide Hollow Tier List

Peroxide Hollow Clan Tier List

Common Clans (89% Chance):

These clans typically offer basic modifiers to enhance foundational game stats, making them the cornerstone for beginners:

  1. Pyximes: +5 Spirit
  2. Reddark: +5 Reiatsu
  3. Hollargo: +5 Agility
  4. Vriess: +5 Vitality
  5. Terges: +5 Spirit
  6. Grindella: +5 Strength
  7. Llargaller: +5 Reiatsu
  8. Roldullen: +5 Spirit
  9. Harrett: +5 Agility
  10. Gillilga: 5% Agility multiplier (1.05x)
  11. Tergeaux: 5% better Health Regen (1.05x)
  12. Weskullen: 5% better Reiatsu Regen (1.05x)

Rare Clans (9% Chance):

Rare clans bring unique advantages with amplified stats, perfect for mid-level players aiming for advanced strategies:

  1. Gilga: 15% Strength multiplier (1.15x), 20% Vitality multiplier (1.2x)
  2. Rureux: 20% Agility multiplier (1.2x)
  3. Arruruerie: 15% Spirit multiplier (1.15x)
  4. Harribel: 15% Spirit multiplier (1.15x), 20% Vitality multiplier (1.2x)
  5. Llargo: 15% Strength multiplier (1.15x), 15% Reiatsu multiplier (1.15x), 15% Vitality multiplier (1.15x)

Legendary Clans (2% Chance):

The creme de la creme. These clans are designed for elite players, bringing unparalleled skills and impressive stat boosts:

  1. Jaegerjaquez: Gran Rey Cero (Hollow Abilities), 15% Strength multiplier (1.15x), 10% Agility multiplier (1.1x), 13% Vitality multiplier (1.13x)
  2. Cifer: Lanza del Relámpago (Hollow Abilities), 12% Agility multiplier (1.12x), 15% Spirit multiplier (1.15x), 15% Reiatsu multiplier (1.15x), 15% better Health Regen (1.15x)
  3. Starrk: Cero Metralleta (Hollow Abilities), 15% Spirit multiplier (1.15x), 12% Reiatsu multiplier (1.12x), 13% better Reiatsu Regen (1.13x)
  4. Louisenbairn: 40% EXP multiplier (1.4x), 15% Strength multiplier (1.15x), 10% Agility multiplier (1.1x), 13% Vitality multiplier (1.13x), 15% Spirit multiplier (1.15x), 10% Reiatsu multiplier (1.1x), 10% better Reiatsu Regen (1.1x)

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Peroxide Quincy Clan Tier List

Peroxide Quincy Clans Tier List

Common Clans (89% Chance):

Common clans offer foundational boosts suitable for beginners, aiding in their initial journey in Peroxide. A reroll for these clans costs 100 robux:

  1. Lloyd: +5 Reiatsu
  2. Fahriel: +5 Strength
  3. Weidment: +5 Agility
  4. Ehmerger: +5 Vitality
  5. Bernoth: +5 Spirit
  6. Erliss: +5 Reiatsu
  7. Plessnone: +5 Strength
  8. Sternell: +5 Strength
  9. Rowoux: +5 Reiatsu
  10. Daloir: +5 Reiatsu
  11. Grubia: +5 Vitality
  12. Heidlach: +5 Vitality

Rare Clans (9% Chance):

For the seasoned players, rare clans offer a dual-combo of stat boosts. These can drastically enhance specific playstyles:

  1. Haschwalth: 15% Reiatsu multiplier (1.15x), 20% Spirit multiplier (1.2x)
  2. Valkyrie: 20% Vitality multiplier (1.2x), 20% Strength multiplier (1.2x)
  3. Parnkgjas: 15% Spirit multiplier (1.15x), 20% Reiatsu multiplier (1.2x)
  4. Barro: 15% Spirit multiplier (1.15x), 20% Vitality multiplier (1.2x)

Legendary Clans (2% Chance):

The pinnacle of clans, offering not just game-changing stats, but also unique skills:

  1. Yhwach: The Almighty – 15% Strength multiplier (1.15x), 13% Vitality multiplier (1.13x), 10% better Reiatsu Regen (1.1x), 12% better Health Regen (1.12x)
  2. Ishida: Rachepfeil – 15% Spirit multiplier (1.15x), 10% Vitality multiplier (1.1x), 15% Reiatsu multiplier (1.15x), 10% better Health Regen (1.1x)

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That’s it for this Peroxide Clan Tier List: Soul Reaper, Hollow & Quincy Clans. Make sure to visit our Roblox Game Guide database where you find more than 300+ guides for popular and trading roblox games.

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