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Peroxide Hollow Guide and Complete Progression & Build

If you’ve ever found yourself getting lost in the world of Peroxide, especially in the journey to becoming a Master Card Hollow, then you’re in the right place.

We’ll be focusing on the “Peroxide Hollow Guide” and  Complete Peroxide Hollow Progression Guide. If you are looking for more guidance, head over to our Roblox Peroxide Wiki page.

Step 1: Begin Your Transformation

Initiation: Start your journey by dying as a human. It sounds daunting, but it’s the initial step to becoming a Hollow.

Becoming a Fishbone: Post-death, you’ll transform into a Fishbone. Your appearance might vary, but remember, it’s all part of the process.

Step 2: Evolve by Killing Other Hollows

Leveling up: Kill other Hollows until you reach level 20. This step is crucial for evolution.

Red Eyes: Wait 20 minutes to get these or risk being killed for them. Once achieved, hunt for another NPC or player with red eyes.

Step 3: Upgrade to Menos

The Transformation: After acquiring red eyes, eliminate another Hollow with the same feature. Doing so will evolve you into a Menos, resetting you to level 15 base hollow.

Step 4: The Journey to Adjuca and Beyond

Evolution: To evolve from Menos to an Adjuca, you’ll need to defeat 30 Hollows scattered around the map. While this can be faster with a friend’s assistance, tread carefully.

Protection: Keep in mind, upon becoming a Menos, you lose new protection. Use your one-time ‘get out of jail card’ wisely.

Step 5: Achieving Vasto Lorde and MasterCard

Vasto Lorde: For this, you must secure 1,750 Hollow kills. It’s essential to remember that different Hollow types count for varied kill numbers.

MasterCard: Once Vasto Lorde is achieved, you can opt for MasterCard, granting you additional benefits like an extra 10 levels, an 80 EXP boost, and additional max HP.

Need more detailed instructions? Check out our How to Become Vasto Lorde in Peroxide page

Step 6: Acquiring Resurrections Weapon

Preparation: Start by achieving level 90.

Quest: Undertake time raids, time bubbles, and storms. Post this; you’ll have to confront the Segunda bosses, which can be a tough battle.

Step 7: Embracing Segunda

Requirements: You’ll need to get through various challenging tasks, including beating multiple bosses that scale with your stats.

Achievement: After defeating all challenges, you’ll finally embrace the powers of Segunda.

That’s it for this Peroxide Hollow Guide. Make sure to visit our Roblox Game Guide database where you find more than 300+ guides for popular and trading roblox games.

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