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Peroxide Quincy Guide: Progression & Build Tips

Bleach enthusiasts have always been drawn to the Quincy power set, and Roblox’s Peroxide has managed to capture this unique allure brilliantly. If you’re keen to dive into the Peroxide game as a Quincy, this Peroxide Quincy Guide is made for you.

Embrace the intricate details of this Peroxide Quincy Guide to seamlessly navigate the Quincy progression in Peroxide. If you are looking for more guidance, head over to our Roblox Peroxide Wiki page.

Peroxide Quincy Guide

1. Introduction:

When you embark on your Quincy journey in Peroxide, the game’s intricate mechanics and numerous options can be overwhelming. Our guide simplifies this journey, making your path to becoming a Quincy a breeze.

2. Becoming a Quincy: Initial Steps

Upon spawning, your character will be human. Look for the newly updated Quincy icon on your map, typically near the basketball court, and head over. Engage in a brief conversation, and voila! You’ve now transformed into a Quincy.

We also have a Peroxide Soul Reaper Guide page, you can also visit there for more tips and tricks about soul reaper.

3. Leveling Up:

To grow stronger, engage in quests and combat against Hollows. The NPCs may seem formidable, but with persistence, you’ll gain the experience needed to advance. Your primary goal? Reach level 15.

4. Unlocking Script:

Once at level 15, a new challenge arises. Head over to the Wanderich and seek out a special shop selling a Medallion for 150 currency.

Purchasing this will initiate a hunt, pitting you against skilled players. Complete this challenge, and the reward is the much-coveted Script.

5. Weaponry and Cybernetics:

With the Script in hand, you’ll likely want to upgrade. Invasions provide an opportunity to gather strange ores, which can be transformed into powerful weapons like claws, guns, or great swords.

Additionally, keep an eye out for legendary drops during these invasions; these rare items grant you cybernetics like miniguns, visors, and unique heart components.

6. Achieving Volt Standing:

The pinnacle of your Quincy journey is achieving Volt Standing. This requires further levelling up to 90, followed by participating in Time Warps. Completing these PvP challenges will earn you points.

Accumulate 420 points, face off against a formidable opponent in the lab, and victory will grant you the Volt Standing.

That’s it for this Peroxide Quincy Guide. Make sure to visit our Roblox Game Guide database where you find more than 300+ guides for popular and trading roblox games.

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