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Peroxide Soul Reaper Guide: how to become

Peroxide is a Roblox game based on the beloved anime series Bleach. Today we will tell you the complete Peroxide Soul Reaper guide. As a first step, you have to straight to Kisuke’s house. Once there, engage with Kisuke, and you’ll find yourself transformed into a Soul Reaper.

Outside Kisuke’s home, a quest board awaits you, brimming with opportunities. Among the tasks, you might find cleaning the front of Kisuke’s house particularly straightforward and rewarding.

As you progress, consider venturing to Hueco Mundo or mastering the flash step technique, but remember, you’ll need 10 agility points first. To hone your skills, you have two dojo choices – one in the normal world and another in Seoul Society.

Each offers unique training experiences. When you achieve level 15, brace yourself for a showdown with your Shikai boss and, eventually, the formidable Bankai boss. Push yourself to the pinnacle, level 165, and the Visored mask will be within your grasp.

Let’s take a look at Step by Step Peroxide Soul Reaper Guide. If you are looking for more guidance, head over to our Roblox Peroxide Wiki page.

Peroxide Soul Reaper Guide

1. Getting Started:

Spawning Points: New players randomly spawn on the map. However, if you’re fortunate, you might spawn close to Kisuke.

Becoming a Soul Reaper: Head over to Kisuke and Converse. Express your desire to be a Soul Reaper. You’ll then have to ‘die’ to begin your journey. Either get killed by a Reaper or ask Kisuke to aid your transition. After this, you’ll respawn equipped with a weapon and your Soul Reaper title.

2. Beginner’s Mission:

Starting Off: As a new Soul Reaper, your mission options will be limited. Initiate with missions like slaying three Hollows or delivering packages. This allows you to get used to the game and gradually level up.

Navigating Hollows: Once you accept a mission, points will be marked on your map, helping you find and tackle Hollows more efficiently.

Need more detailed instructions? Check out our Peroxide Beginner Guide.

3. Understanding Your Stats:

Stat Overview: Press ‘M’ to view your stats.

  • Strength: Enhances melee damage.
  • Vitality: Boosts your HP.
  • Spirit: Increases Kido damage.
  • Reaction: Influences your bar down there, known as Reiteration.
  • Agility: Determines the speed of your Flash Step.

Leveling Up: Visit Kisuke’s shop and undertake quests from the mission board. For beginners, focus on low-level quests. To improve your stats, you can train in the dojo or engage with specific NPCs to focus on desired stats.

4. Advancing as a Soul Reaper:

Meditation and Shikai: Once you reach level 15, you can meditate to encounter your Shikai. By defeating your Shikai, you unlock its elements. Potential elements include explosion, wind, gravity, fire, cone, and legendaries like lightning.

Invasion Missions: As you progress, you can opt for invasion missions for the Soul Society. It’s advised to rank up to at least D-rank to access these missions.

5. Tips and Tricks:

Adrenaline and Potential: Keep an eye on your adrenaline. The more you have, the faster you train in the dojo. This boosts your potential, which subsequently increases your level. The unique aspect of Peroxide is that leveling up isn’t solely about defeating NPCs but about developing your stats and potential.

Choosing Skills: Every three levels, you’ll get to pick a new skill. Choose wisely, as you’ll only get three options each time.

Maxing Out: The highest potential for Soul Reapers is 160, and the level cap is 165.

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