Primitive Era Beginner Guide Wiki 2023 – Classes & More

Hi guys, welcome to our Primitive Era Beginner Guide Wiki, In this Primitive Era Beginner Guide Wiki, we will tell you about Primitive Era Resources, Learn how to instantly get resources and Primitive Era Gold, Learn how to get more Gold.

So come and take a look at this Primitive Era Beginner Guide Wiki – Classes & Guide

Primitive Era Beginner Guide Wiki – Classes & Guide

Primitive Era Gold Guide

1. Build and upgrade Gold Mines to get Gold continuously as long as the Village has enough population and Charcoal.

2. You can also get Gold by trading with the Travelling Merchant, joining in events or buying packs. (The Gold Production efficiency is affected by both population and Charcoal in the Village, so it is particularly important to maintain the population and Charcoal reserve)

3. Go to [Benefit Center] and [Event Center], join in events to get huge Gold rewards. For more info about [Travelling Merchant], please search for keyword [Travelling Merchant]

4. Rally attack the Barbarians, whether you kill them or not, you can get a lot of Gold and resource rewards.

5. After [Chief’s Hall] reaching level 7, you can choose the custom [Trade] to get a large Gold output boost.

6. Commission development heroes to [Gold Mine] can increase the Gold output of [Gold Mine].

Primitive Era Beginner Guide Wiki

Primitive Era Resources Guide

1. Event: Join the events of [Event Center] and [Benefit Center] to get rich benefits such as rubies, Recruit Horns and resources.

2. Upgrading resource structures and researches: You can get more resources by upgrading your resource structures and relevant researches to achieve higher resource output. Maintain the Charcoal supply in the Village to ensure the production efficiency of resource structures.

3. Rapid Production: Rapid production has a certain success rate, which is reduced after each use. You can research relevant techs to unlock Rapid Production and improve its effect.
How to Use: Tap the resource structure, select [Rapid], and tap Start.

4. Travelling Merchant: After your Chief’s Hall reaches Lv.5, you can invite the Travelling Merchant to your Village and trade resources with him;
After your Chief’s Hall reaches Lv.10, you can exchange for more resources here.

5. Class Structure: If your class is [Stockbreeder], you can upgrade [Crops Garden] to get a greater output bonus effect.
Use the [Harvest] active skill in [Crops Garden] to get the resource output of a future period immediately.

6. Battle: Succeed in hunting wild creatures to get a lot of rewards. Different wild creatures provide different types of resources. You can tap a wild creature to check the resources it can provide.

7. Plunder: After winning an attack against a Village, you can plunder its resources.

8. Ally Aid: If your class is [Trader], you can provide resource aid to allies via the class structure [Grocery Bazaar]. The amount of resources provided each time depends on your resource reserves and resource aid load.

A certain amount of tax is deducted for each aid. The tax rate decreases as you upgrade the trade shop, with the lowest tax rate being 15%.

Primitive Era Gift Code

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