Roblox Force Race Tier List & Best Class in Force

Hi guys, Welcome to our Roblox Force Race Tier List, In this Roblox Force Race Tier List we will show you the best Race in game. There are 2 types of races in Roblox Force. Basic and (Artifact Races – Soul Core) and we will explain all Roblox Force Best Races in this article.

So come and take a look at this Roblox Force Race Tier List.

Roblox Force Race Tier List


A human, a race of fairly intelligent creatures that are descended from apes, known for their ability to focus, allowing them to have an increased force bar.

  • Increased Force Bar: +25


The Roblox Force Mythrol race, a race of fish hailing from the sea, it has the ability to swim faster in water.

  • Faster Swim Speed (+2)
  • +5 HP
  • +10 Force


The Roblox Force Okupi race is a squid race, capable of tanking more hits than other races, spawning with extra base hp.

  • Increased Health (+10)


The Roblox Force Tweel Race is known for it’s increased walk speed and ability to catch up with enemies.

  • Increased Movement Speed (+0.5 Speed)
  • – 5 hp

Sylis (Snake)

A snake-like race. Hails from the desert lands of Tatooine.

  • +5 hp
  • Small Attack Boost
  • 0.25 Speed
  • +15 Force


A Roblox Force Race of horned tattooed humanoids, known for it’s compatibility with the Dark Side of The Force.

Supposedly some dmg buffs as the owner stated himself.

Zabrak 2

  • -5hp, +0.5 speed (95hp, 100force, 5forceregen, 0.5speed)


  • No buffs/nerfs (100hp, 100force, 5forceregen, 0speed)

Soul Core


A well built, fearsome, Draconic race, these winged creatures are known for being an extreme tank, although slower than most, they can be difficult to overcome alone due to their massive health pool and their stunning roar.

  • +25 Maximum Health
  • +20 Maximum Force
  • Roar – an active move that stuns all players temporarily within 15 studs.

Masked (Vesperian)

A mythical creature, known for it’s ability to shift in and out of the shadow, being capable of avoiding many attacks, able to adapt in any combat situation.

  • More Force Regen (+0.5)
  • +0.5 Speed

Blink – Active move that allows you to merge with shadow and become completely invisible while you dash.


The fastest obtainable race in game. Known for their speed and fast health regeneration.

  • Increased walk speed (+1 Speed), higher jump and increased regeneration.


This creature, identified by it’s three horns, hails from the darkness of the abyss itself, has developed greatly increased health regeneration.

  • Slight speed boost
  • High health regeneration

That’s it for this Roblox Force Best Race Tier List & Best Class in Force. Looking for more guide, have a look at our Anime Brawl All Out Tier List and [DEMO] Neo Soccer League Trello

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