Rush Royale Clan Tournament Guide ( Full Explained )

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The latest update in Rush Royale introduced us to the most-awaited Clan feature. In June 2021 Rush Royale update, developers introduced a lot of new content including Clan, new Legendary card Blade Dancer, balance update, and more interesting features.

Rush Royale Clan Tournament is something people are looking for the most, how clan tournament works? How to participate in Clan tournaments? So here is everything you need to know about the clan tournament in Rush Royale.

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Rush Royale 7.0 Update: Greetings, players! The Clan Tournament is currently being improved by the developers, and the new Tournament will be released in Rush Royale Update 7.0. They will have to stop ongoing Tournaments in the game due to technical issues in order to prepare for the launch of the improved Tournament. That means new Clan Tournament stages will not begin tomorrow, Monday, August 2nd, or the following Monday, August 9th.

What is Clan Tournament in Rush Royale?

The Clan Tournament is a competition in which each clan can battle with 4 other clans for valuable rewards similar to the Clash Royale clan war 2 but it is different in many ways from clan war 2. Each stage of the tournament lasts one week, during which clans compete to see who will be the first to overcome the Road of Challenges and cross the finish line.

In order to participate in the clan tournament, your clan must have at least 10 members. Each clan member receives Magic Sandals daily, enough to participate in 4 battles. There is no other way to get magic sandals, so try to use them wisely. 

There are 4 main key points of clan tournament Battle, Attack, Defence, and Healing, we will talk about each of them one by one.

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Rush Royale Clan Tournament Battle

Every player has 4 daily tournament battle and you can play your battle in a PvP mode, There are some special rules and that rule changes every day. Rules are below 

  • If you won the battle you will receive 30 points, and also 5 points for each heart they managed to keep.
  • If you lose the battle you will receive 5 points for participating and 5 points for each heart lest by the enemy

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Rush Royale Clan Tournament Attack

In Rush Royale Tournament you can attack another clan to slow down their progress in the competition. It requires the attacking player to battle one-on-one with bosses summoned to defend (there can be as many as 5) and 5 waves of monsters comes before each boss similar to Coop mode.

Participating in an attack gives the attacking player 5 points, and also 5 points for each defeated boss. A clan can be protected by up to 12 squads, and when they are all defeated, the clan cannot earn points for some time.

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Rush Royale Clan Tournament Defense

You can protect your clan from attacks, You just need to create squads of defenders with your clan members.

Each of these squads can contain up to 5 defender bosses, and each boss summons 5 waves of monsters before entering the battle themselves.

Any player in a clan can summon their own defender squad, which they must obtain and level up on their own. Regardless of the number of players in a clan, the maximum number of defender squads in a clan is limited to 12.

Clan officers can remove defense squads that they deem insufficient. If all the squads are defeated, the clan’s tournament progress stops until healing is complete.

Rush Royale Clan Tournament Healing

Now talk about tournament healing, When all defender squads are defeated by opponents’ clan squads, the healing process takes place and lasts for 24 hours.

You can reduce the time by using Magic Sandals to collect healing herbs or by using special healing potions.

The wait time can be reduced only if it exceeds 4 hours. Once healing is complete, anyone who took part in accelerating it will earn 5 points each for potion or Sandal spent.

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Rush Royale Clan Tournament Rewards

We don’t have much Information about Rush Royale clan tournament rewards but as of now we know that

  • If your clan comes on 1st position you will Legend chest
  • If you come in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place you will get a Gold chest.
  • If you come in 5th place you will get a Silver chest.

as you can see below Image.

Rush Royale Tournament Rewards

The first Rush Royale clan tournament is going to start from 7th June 2021, Be ready with your Decks and grow your clan by winning more and more clan tournaments.

So, guys, that’s all we will about Rush Royale Clan Tournament, you can bookmark this page because In the future we will update this guide with more information. 

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