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Top 5 Rush Royale Tips for Beginners ( February 2021 )

Top 5 Rush Royale Tips for Beginners

Hi guys, today I am going to tell you the top 5 Rush Royale Tips for Beginners basically this guide is meant for newer players looking to advance in rush royale. These rush royale tips will help you to improve your game and become a better player.

In this guide, we will cover almost everything from how to earn free rewards in rush royale to the best decks in rush royale, even If you are having a hard time playing this new game Rush Royale. Don’t worry these 5 easy tips will help you to improve your game.

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1.) Free Rewards in rush royale

2.) Complete Daily Quests and Seasonal Quests.

3.) Watch Ads and get Rewards

4.) Upgrade your cards in Rush Royale

5.) Rush Royale Decks

1.) Free Rewards in rush royale

There are lots of ways to get free rewards in rush royale, you can collect free crystals, free golds, and cards as well from chests and shop.

Free Rewards in rush royale

You can collect every day free gems or free gold from Shop ( refresh your shop every 8 hrs in a day )

You can refresh your shop every 8 hrs in a day which means if you refresh your shop 2 or 3 times in a day, then you will have a chance to collect free rewards 3 times from the shop

You can also buy New Cards from a shop in a rush royale ( this is not recommended unless you want to but legendary cards )

You can collect few gems from the knowledge base: go to settings in rush royale then click on the knowledge base option and you will get total crystals.

2.) Complete Daily Quests and Seasonal Quests.

Complete Daily Quests and Seasonal Quests.

Quests are one the most important thing in rush royale because it gives you free chests and those chests give you gold and new cards so I recommended you to complete your daily & seasonal quests daily.

It will help you boosts your progression in rush royale, when you complete your daily & seasonal quests daily, it levels up your rank in-season free pass and

In my previous post on how to get a free legendary card in rush royale, I mentioned that you can get 2 free Legendary cards from rush royale season free Pass click here to read more about free legendary cards in a rush royale.

3.) Watch Ads and get Rewards

You can earn an ad mega chest after watching some ads,  you can unlock this chest after watching 10 ads in rush royale also you get some gold and crystals from battle bonus

Every day you get 135 tokens from the ad quests, as you can see in the above image

4.) Upgrade your cards

Rush Royale cards tips

Your card levels and your deck plays a vital role in the rush royale. I will recommend you start upgrading your low-level cards because it increases your critical damage.

What is critical Damage in Rush Royale?

Basically, Critical Damage deals with extra damage to the opponent every time you level up a card it increases your critical damage so if you have a lot of gold your better upgrade some of your cards because your critical damage depends on the level of your cards in your card collection.

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5.) Rush Royale Decks

In Rush Royale decks are very important If you want to move from the lower arena to the higher arena then you should play with rush royale meta decks or use those cards in your deck that suit you. Your deck should contain 1 win condition, 1 support card, and 1 area damage card at least like fire mage.

Rush Royale Decks Arena 3

If you are in arena 2 or arena 3 I will recommend you to play with Archer / Poisoner / Lightning Mage / Fire Mage / Ice Mage Deck. This deck is very good for low-level arena players.

If you have an Engineer in your card collection, you can replace it with Poisoner.

Rush Royale Engineer Deck without Legendary Cards for Mid Arena Players.

Rush Royale Engineer Deck

Tips for this Rush Royale Engineer Deck:

Try having only one Portal Keeper in the field since they don’t do much damage and their only use is to connect Engineers with each other.

Never level up (in-game) the Portal Keeper since the level-ups don’t increase his damage that much and he is not a damage type unit.

When it comes to leveling up in-game I would suggest prioritizing Chemist and Engineer, for more damage and armor reduction.

Don’t panic merge! If you see that enemies are over-running you, choose to merge Portal Keeper units and Vampire units first since they don’t deal a lot of damage Continue Reading »

That’s all guys for this Top 5 Rush Royale Tips for Beginners ( January 2021 ). stay tuned to TheClashify for more info related to the Rush Royale

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