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Snowbreak Fritia Little Sunshine: Best Team & Build Guide

Are you eager to discover the Snowbreak Fritia Little Sunshine build and other must-known details of Fritia Little Sunshine, Snowbreak Fritia Little Sunshine is a character from the Snowbreak Containment Zone and as per our Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List, She is the best character in the game.

However, if you want to be updated about the Snowbreak Containment Zone Snowbreak Fritia Little Sunshine, this article is appropriate to study more.

Snowbreak Fritia Little Sunshine: Best Team & Build Guide Wiki


Snowbreak Fritia Little Sunshine

Little Sunshine is a Purple Tier Operative known for her quick wit and sharp tongue. Armed with an Assault Rifle that deals Thermal damage, she left the labs of Yggdrasil Enterprises to join Heimdall Force.

This guide will provide an informative description of Little Sunshine’s skills and passive abilities to help you harness her wit and firepower on the battlefield.

Snowbreak Fritia Little Sunshine Skills

Passive Ability: None

Little Sunshine does not possess a passive ability. However, her skills and active abilities make her a formidable force in combat.

Active Skill 1: In a Stalk of Fennel

Cooldown: 15 seconds
Energy Cost: 15 S-Energy
AoE Fire Pillar DMG: 114% of ATK +22

Little Sunshine creates a fire pillar at the target’s feet, dealing Thermal damage to targets within range. The fire pillar knocks enemies up into the air, interrupting their special skills for 8 seconds. Additionally, this skill increases the size of the fire pillar by 100% and applies the Burning effect to targets hit.

Burning deals Thermal damage equal to 10% of Fritia’s ATK every 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds. Once the fire pillar expires, it leaves behind Ember Traps that continue to deal Thermal damage equal to 20% of Fritia’s ATK to targets within range per second for 5 seconds. Use this skill to control the battlefield and disrupt enemy tactics.

Active Skill 2: Pyrphoros

Support Skill

Cooldown: 25 seconds
Energy Cost: 30 S-Energy
Knock up DMG: 100% of ATK
Aptitude Effect DMG: 4.8% of ATK +12

Pyrphoros is Little Sunshine’s support skill. She knocks surrounding enemies up into the air, dealing Thermal damage. Additionally, this skill provides an Aptitude effect to the deployed operative based on Fritia’s ATK attribute.

The Aptitude effect enhances the final damage dealt to targets under the Burning effect by 20%. Utilize this skill to amplify the damage output of your team, especially against enemies affected by Burning.

Ultimate Skill: Transgression

Cooldown: 40 seconds
Energy Cost: 80 U-Energy
Furious Punishment creates SPD: 200%
Furious Punishment DMG: 25% of ATK per second
Seeker Flames DMG: 90% of ATK +36
Explosion DMG: 300% of ATK

Transgression is Little Sunshine’s ultimate skill. She unleashes Furious Punishment in front of her for 12 seconds, dealing continuous Thermal damage equal to 25% of her ATK per second to hit targets. Furious Punishment creates Seeker Flames that apply the Burning effect to targets hit, dealing Thermal damage equal to 10% of Fritia’s ATK every 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds.

When Furious Punishment ends, an explosion is triggered, dealing Thermal damage equal to 300% of Fritia’s ATK to the surrounding enemies once again. Activate this ultimate skill to unleash devastating firepower and overwhelm your opponents.

Snowbreak Fritia Little Sunshine Team Formation:

For Little Sunshine’s optimal formation, consider the following team composition:

Little Sunshine – The witty Assault Rifle specialist, dealing Thermal damage and interrupting enemy skills with her fire-based abilities.

Tank – A frontline tank that draws enemy attention and protects Little Sunshine and the rest of the team.

Support – A hero that provides healing or buffs to sustain the team and enhance their combat capabilities.

Crowd Control (CC) – Another hero with crowd control abilities to further disrupt enemy formations and support Little Sunshine’s damage output.

Little Sunshine excels at dealing Thermal damage and disrupting enemy formations with her fire-based skills. The tank protects her and the team, while the support hero provides healing or buffs to enhance their performance.

The CC hero assists in crowd control, enabling Little Sunshine to unleash her full potential against vulnerable targets.

Little Sunshine, the witty Assault Rifle specialist, brings both firepower and tactical disruption to the battlefield. By utilizing her fire-based skills and abilities, you can control the flow of battle, interrupt enemy skills, and deal devastating Thermal damage. Build a well-rounded team around Little Sunshine, and let her sharp wit and sharpshooting lead you to victory on the battlefield!

That’s it for this Snowbreak Fritia Little Sunshine: Best Team & Build Guide Wiki.

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