SSSnaker Equipment Guide – How to Get S Grade Equipment

Welcome to SSSnaker Equipment Guide, There are many types of equipment in SSSnaker like good, rare, epic, legendary, and mythic.

Legendary and Mythic Equipements have Higher Stats but they are very hard to get, So in this SSSnaker Equipment Guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about.

SSSnaker Equipment Guide – How to Get S-Grade Equipment

Equipment Farming Guide

DISCLAIMER: There may be slight variances to certain chapters since this is mainly theory and is still being tested so don’t take this info for granted.

This guide primarily applies to snakes in their first 2 weeks, since both 7d challenges ask for legendary equipment.

If you have NOT beaten the chapter you are currently on you are GUARANTEED equipment drops on Stages 4 8 14 18 24 and 28. However farming your highest chapter can be challenging, so farming a lower chapter may be better for most of yall.

This does have some drawbacks, where RNG comes into play, you are no longer guaranteed equipment with an approximate 33% chance of getting one.

Equipment will still be dropped on the same exact stages, so IF you did NOT get any equipment on one of those stages (if you don’t get equipment by the time there is only 1 monster left).

Exiting the game and reopening it will take you back to the beginning on the stage rerolling your chances of getting a drop.

This process can also be used to get the specific drops you’re looking for.

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How to get S-grade equipment in SSSnaker

Getting good and rare equipment is easy. Normal boxes can contain good equipment, while super boxes and rampage boxes can contain good and rare equipment.

You can also fuse three identical normal equipment to make one good piece, and three identical good equipment to make one rare equipment

Epic equipment of the S-grade type can only be obtained from the rampage box.

That’s it for this SSSnaker Equipment Guide – How to Get S Grade Equipment

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