The Tower Idle Tower Defense Tier List 2024 February

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Hi guys, Welcome to our Tower Idle Tower Defense Tier List 2024 In this articel, we will tell you the Best Weapon in game. Ultimate weapons are the fourth tab in the workshop. These are special skills that use a currency, Power Stones, that can only be obtained from participating in tournaments. Power Stones can be used to unlock new ultimate weapons as well as upgrade the level of any of the weapon’s three stats in the workshop.

The Tower Idle Tower Defense Ultimate weapons are similar to other stats in that they can only be upgraded in both the workshop and the lab (lab upgrades for Ultimate Weapons you own are unlocked when you reach tier 7). During a battle, going to the Ultimate Weapons tab shows you the current effect of your active weapons as well as their cooldown timers if applicable. When a weapon’s cooldown reaches zero, its effect automatically triggers.

The Tower Idle Tower Defense Tier List 2024

S+. Golden Tower (GT) – Massive increase to cash and coin gain from kills at any investment level. Effectiveness increases with your ability to reach higher waves. Lab augment boosts the effectiveness even more.

S. Death Wave (DW) – Hits all enemies on screen when it triggers. Lab augments turn Death Wave into Life Wave, boosting your hp and earning some extra coins for each enemy it kills.

A. Chrono Field (CF) – Once upgraded, has enough uptime to provide a semi-reliable additional layer of defence in the form of a significant slow. Lab augment makes the field near-permanent and gives additional damage reduction.

B+. Chain Lightning (CL) – Scales with your tower’s attack speed and is guaranteed to strike valid targets. Lab augment gives lightning a chance to “shock” enemies, increasing the damage they take.

B-. Poison Swamp (PS) – Area of effect damage triggering on enemy death. “Poisoned” enemies keep ticking down until death. Lab augment gives the swamp a chance to stun enemies. Overall very dependent on luck (placement and enemy spawns).

D. Smart Missiles (SM) – Flies far enough from the tower to potentially reach ranged enemies. Lab augment makes it a firework.

E. Inner Land Mines (ILM) – Placed right around your tower. Lab augment makes them spin round.

The Tower Idle Tower Defense Tier List 2022

The Tower Idle Tower Defense Best Ultimate Weapons 2024

  • Chain Lightning causes your tower’s attacks to instantly chain and deal damage to a number of enemies (and shocks enemies, causing them to take extra damage).
  • Smart Missiles shoots missiles outward from your tower, dealing damage on impact (and becoming a firework). Missiles despawn after 25 seconds.
  • Land Mines plants a number of (spinning) mines in close proximity to your tower that explode when an enemy comes into contact with it.
  • Death Wave causes a number of pulses to radiate outward from your tower, each dealing damage to every enemy they come in contact with. (Enemies killed grant a bonus hp multiplier and earn additional coins).
    Chrono Field causes any enemy within your range to move more slowly (and deal less damage) for a duration of time.
  • Poison Swamp gives enemies a chance to create a small poisoning field on death. Poisoned enemies (have a chance to be stunned and) take poison damage until death.
  • Golden Tower temporarily causes all cash and coins earned from kills to gain a massive multiplier. (All attributes of Golden Tower can be further upgraded in the lab).

Ultimate weapon damage (where applicable) is based on a percent of your tower’s damage including its critical rate and critical factor.

When unlocking Ultimate Weapons, you are given a random choice between two not yet unlocked weapons. Each additional weapon you unlock costs more Power Stones though this will not affect their upgrade costs. If it is offered to you, you should pick Golden Tower as this one provides a massive increase to your cash and coin economy.

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