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Elemental Chaos Trello & Wiki – Beginner Guide

This guide shares Elemental Chaos Trello and Discord server links. Most Roblox games have a Trello and These Roblox Game Trello helps players understand a game’s basics and cover every aspect of it.

In this Elemental Chaos Trello, You will find the official link of Trello and some useful guides. You can find the Elemental Chaos Discord link on the game’s listing page on Roblox.

What is the Elemental Chaos Trello link?

Elemental Chaos Trello is somehow similar to Elemental Chaos Wiki, Where you can find information about, Bosses, Clans Information, Grinding Tips, Stats, GUI, NPC, Trainers, Clan Trainers and Other

Elemental Chaos Guide


Movement: WASD
Double Jump: Space 2x
Dash: Q (Jump is usuable during dash)
Slide C (Use while dashing)
Block: F
Use Spell: M1 (select spell first)
Charge Spell: Hold M1


Many of the Elements have combo potential. You are able to chain them without them being able to escape. Combos are a huge part of the game.

For example, for Cosmos, you can use 1 into 3 and 4. The combo does a decent amount of damage and stuns the user.

For Darkness, you are able to use Shatter (Cage Variant) into a 1 that brings them out causing huge damage and stuns.


To gain Levels, you must gain experience (exp) by using moves

Your damage, health, mana and mana regen scale depending on your level. Your mana also gets back to full when you level up.

Depending on the move, the experience you gain can vary and some elements will level up faster than others

The higher your level gets, the more exp you need to get to the next level

Per 5 levels it gives you 2 spins

Currently, the max level is 1000


The Spawn button is where you enter the game.
The Spawner button is where you can spin your elements
Credits shows the Dev, Admins, Moderator team and such.
Update Log is used to display the updates and what changed.
The Green bar is HP
The Blue bar is Mana
The White bar displays your Exp
Element displays your current element
Spins displays your current amount of spins (2 gained each 5 levels)
The number in the middle displays your current level
Pressing TAB opens up a seperate GUI that shows ping, element info and players.

Spin System

Spins are gained by leveling up, with 2 gained each 5 levels
Each of the current rarities are listed below, from common to least common

Delta (Δ): 75%
Current element(s): Earth, Fire

Gamma (Γ): 20%
Current element(s): Water, Electricity

Beta (B): 4.425%
Current element(s): Ice

Alpha (A): 0.425%
Current element(s): Cosmos

Sigma (Σ): 0.05%
Current element(s): Darkness

OMEGA (Ω): NA (not added)

Elemental Chaos Trello Link

Here is a Link to the official Elemental Chaos Trello :

On Elemental Chaos Trello, you will find information and guides about the game. Here is some of the information you can still find there:

  • Maps/Locations
  • Book Location
  • Boss
  • Codes
  • Clans
  • Skills

Elemental Chaos Trello FAQ

Q: What is the Elemental Chaos Trello?

A: The Elemental Chaos Trello is a platform where players can find information and guides about the game. It covers various aspects of the game, including maps/locations, book locations, boss information, codes, clans, and skills.

Q: How can I Find the link to Elemental Chaos Trello?

A: You can find the Elemental Chaos Trello link in this page, we have shared link in this post. Also, Read out our: Sorcerer Battlegrounds Trello and Stardust Reborn Trello

Q: Is the Elemental Chaos Trello the same as the game’s Wiki?

A: No, the Elemental Chaos Trello is not the same as the game’s Wiki, but it covers similar information.

Q: What kind of information can I find on the Elemental Chaos Trello?

A: On the Elemental Chaos Trello, you can find information about various aspects of the game, including boss information, book locations, clans, codes, maps/locations, and skills.

Q: Can I get in-game rewards from the Elemental Chaos Trello?

A: No, you cannot get in-game rewards from the Elemental Chaos Trello. It is only a platform where players can find information and guides about the game.

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