Ace Angler Fishing Spirits M Guide Wiki 2023

This Ace Angler Fishing Spirits M guide has everything you need to know, from gameplay details to tips on Obtaining new fish to earn Medals. Ace Angler Fishing Spirits M is a Japanese fishing game which is released by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

The game has very good controls that are simple to use and understand, so everyone from beginners to pro can play this game very smoothly.

Ace Angler Fishing Spirits M Guide

Rod and Fish

Just like a Creatures of the Deep: Fishing you can use medals to select a rod, and you have to catch fish with it to earn more medals.

If you want to catch big fish then you will need more medals to use. every fish in this game fall into different classes. The higher the fish’s class, the more medals you’ll earn for catching it.

It is important to select the right rod for the class you’re trying to catch. The first step is to choose a ROD

Choosing rods cost medals and keep an eye on your medals in the upper right corner of the screen. When fish hit your road you have to click on the reel button to catch the fish.

You can also rotate the reel button to reel in it.

You should try to get the Ultra Rod because It makes big fish even easier to catch than with the Super Rod

Fish Encyclopedia

Fish you catch will be registered in the Fish Encyclopedia, When new fish is registered you get medals as a reward

That’s for reading this Ace Angler Fishing Spirits M Guide

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