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Aether Gazer is a thrilling 3D action game developed by Xiamen Yongshi, the renowned developer behind the popular game Azur Lane. In this immersive ARPG adventure, players assume the role of the Administrator, leading a squad of powerful heroes known as Modifiers to protect civilization and combat the looming threat of the Visbanes.

Developed with stunning visuals and engaging gameplay, Aether Gazer offers a unique gaming experience filled with intense battles and strategic team synergies. Let’s check out our Aether Gazer Wiki

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In Aether Gazer, players take command of a three-person squad, with one Modifier controlled directly by the player and the other two controlled by the system.

Each Modifier possesses distinct attack modes, attributes, and special abilities. As the Administrator, players must lead their squad through challenging stages, engaging in fast-paced combat against the nefarious Visbanes to clear the “Shihai” and safeguard humanity.

The game gives you the ability to create synergy between Modifiers. By strategically teaming up with specific Modifiers, players can unleash powerful “skill chains” that deal devastating damage to enemies, accompanied by awe-inspiring animation effects.

Aether Gazer Wiki

Synergies between Modifiers from the same Gen-zone trigger additional bonuses, further enhancing their combat prowess.

Throughout the game, players will encounter various combat resources such as Traces, Rage, Energy, and Divine Grace. These resources play a crucial role in executing powerful attacks and abilities, adding depth to the gameplay and allowing for strategic decision-making.


Gaea has become far from a risk-free sanctuary. From its data Source Layer emerge monstrous creatures known as Visbanes, whose sole purpose is to destroy human civilization.

To counter this grave threat, Gaea’s self-check programs evolve into physical entities in the form of human-like beings known as Modifiers. These Modifiers are personifications of “Deities” and possess exceptional powers and abilities.

As the Administrator of the Modifiers, the player joins Aether Gazer, an organization dedicated to fighting the Visbane menace. Together with the Modifiers, the player ventures into the dangerous depths of the Gaea network, battling Visbanes and striving to rewrite the fate of humanity against all odds.


  • Asura
  • Hel
  • Hera (Olympus)
  • Kagutsuchi
  • Kuninotokotachi
  • Ookuninushi
  • Osiris (Nile)
  • Poseidon (Olympus)
  • Skadi
  • Tyr
  • Tsukuyomi

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Sigils can be equipped with characters to provide bonus stats and in-battle effects. They come in various categories and are designed for specific elements or for general use.

Visit our Aether Gazer Sigils Guide for more information.


Mimirs are a type of sigil in the game Aether Gazer. They can be equipped to your character to provide bonus stats and in-battle effects.

Mimirs are specifically designed to enhance gameplay and offer various advantages to players in combat situations. You can read about Mimirs on our Mimirs guide Page

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