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Welcome to our Age of Wonders 4 Wiki, In this Age of Wonders 4 Wiki, we will talk about some basics of the game. Age of Wonders 4 is a 4X strategy game in which you can manage your own fantasy land. You may command a faction that evolves and flourishes as your empire expands, collecting useful tomes of magic to enchant the troops and evolve your people.

With a new storytelling event system and hugely customizable empires, each game o adds a new chapter to your ever-growing saga.

Tactical turn-based battles bring your armies to life, showcasing their power in an environment shaped by your decisions. There is tremendous variety in empires, units, and environments, and the game is more moddable and open-ended than ever in the series’ history.

You can explore a new realm with each game or create your own, and encounter your own creations as potential rivals or allies in subsequent games.

Age of Wonders 4 Wiki


Age of Wonders 4 features 10 races that you can players to choose from or acquire throughout the game.

  • Dwarfkin
  • Elfkin
  • Feline
  • Goblinoid
  • Halfling
  • Human
  • Molekin
  • Orcoid
  • Ratkin
  • Toadkin

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In Age of Wonders 4, tomes are collections of spells, hero skills, units and special province improvements that an empire can research.

Tomes are divided into 5 tiers, and each tier Gives you a specific bonus to Casting Points. If you want to To unlock a higher tier tome, the empire must know at least two times from the previous tier.

For tiers IV and V, the previous tier tomes must also have the same magical affinity.

Here is a complete: Age of Wonders 4  Tomes Guide in details


Body traits, mental traits, cultures, and social traits are the four forms of traits in Age of Wonders 4. Head over to our Age of Wonders 4 Traits Guide for complete information


Cities are essential to the success of an empire in the Age of Wonders 4. They provide resources, research opportunities, and mana for spells. Cities also play a crucial role in exerting control over the surrounding area and act as bastions during times of war.

Each empire has a Throne City, where the empire’s ruler will be resurrected if they are killed. Losing both the Throne City and the ruler simultaneously will result in losing the game.

The starting city for each empire is Throne City, but it can be changed to another city.

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