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Clash Royale Clan Wars 2 Boat Battles Defence Guide

Clash Royale Best Duels Deck for Clan War 2

Hey guys, How to Win Clash Royale Clan Wars 2 Boat Battles Guide, This How to Win Clash Royale Clan Wars 2 Boat Battles Guide is shared by OceaniPlayZ, Hope you are enjoying the new clan wars and the new update. Here is what I’ve found out about boat battles. I’ve separated it into sections. Here are the important edits up top 🙂

Clash Royale Clan War 2.0 Update 2020

SECTION I: Is It Worth Using Up a Deck?

  • Yes! Boat battling with the intention to destroy an enemy clan boat will increase your clan’s fame while slowing the enemy clan down if you destroy their boat.

  • In addition, if an enemy clan boat is destroyed, whatever fame they might have gained for the day has to go towards repairing the boat instead. (This is crucial in the final moments when you and another clan are maybe just a couple thousand fame away from finishing the river race.)

  • The boat battles PvE mode caps out at level 9, meaning players with underleveled cards who consistently lose in 1v1 will be able to contribute more to the clan in this mode.

Here’s the math** behind it:

  • Attacking an enemy’s boat defense and taking one tower down gives the same amount of fame as losing a 1v1 battle.

  • When the enemy clan boat is destroyed, they must use up decks to get 3900 HAMMERS to repair the boat. Repairing will give the boat a maximum of 208 HAMMERS per deck. This means it will take at least 19 DECKS to fully repair a clan boat.

  • THEREFORE, if it takes your clan less than 19 boat battles to fully destroy an enemy clan boat, they must spend more decks to REPAIR their boat than your clan used to attack. (Note this is only if all the attacks on that enemy clan boat are from your clan.)

** Calculated based on legendary league river race

SECTION II: How to Destroy 2+ Towers in a Boat Battle

2A) The best decks for attacking boat defenses are:

  • Decks with 1 big ground tank (Golem, Giant, Egolem, Giant Skeleton, etc.)

  • Three Musketeers Decks

  • Decks with freeze or clone

  • Decks with lower level cards

2B) Watching the Clock:

  • When the boat battle starts, you will have 2 minutes in order to take out 1 tower. When you destroy the first tower, your timer will CHANGE (NOT ADD) to 1 minute.

  • VERY IMPORTANT! To maximize how much damage you do to the towers, DO NOT take your first tower until the last 10-15 seconds. That way you will get the maximum bonus time in order to build up a bigger push.


  • Do NOT play a building/spawner in your boat battle deck.

  • Don’t play Royal Delivery when attacking

SECTION III: Setting Up Your Boat Defenses

My ideal boat defense so far is:

  • Hunter, Firecracker, Royal Delivery, and Ramrider in the left tower

  • Pekka, edrag, icewiz, and rage in the center tower

  • Giant skeleton, magic archer, skeletons, and royal ghost in the right tower

Each tower should provide a blend of quick and cheap defense while also creating pressure on your opponent. The two best cards at adding pressure from my testing are royal ghost and ramrider. The towers have cycle when spawning cards and gain elixir very rapidly. This means you can sometimes get 2 giant skeletons to defend or 2 ramriders to create pressure opposite lane.

3A) Best Cards to Put in Boat Defenses

  • Giant Skeleton (MVP imo)

  • Electro Dragon

  • Royal Delivery

  • Firecracker

  • Ice Wizard

  • Royal Ghost

  • Ram Rider

  • CHEAP CYCLE CARDS (skeletons, ice spirit, and rage)

3B) Buildings

  • Buildings should always go in the middle tower because the building is always placed in front of the tower.

3C) Card Levels

  • All cards in the boat defenses are capped out at level 9 so you want to pick cards that are not as underwhelming when underleveled.


  • DO NOT add cards like Golem, Egolem, or Goblin Giant with the hopes of taking out the 700 hp tower. They will defend and make a bigger counterpush (The exceptions to this are royal ghost and hog rider as royal ghost is a must respond and hog is a fast troop)

  • DO NOT just put the heaviest cards in the tower defenses. A lvl 9 pekka is not going to just beat a lvl 12/13 golem push.

Thanks for reading! If you got to this point, comment down below your clan’s first river race result and if you boat battled or not.

Shared by OceaniPlayZ

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