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Clash Royale – CRL World Finals 2019 Winners is TeamLiquid

CRL world Finals 2019

CRL World Finals 2019 Winners is TeamLiquid Hi guys CRL World Finals 2019 Winners is TeamLiquid and WEDGM got 2nd Place in CRL World Finals 2019. W.EDGM from the Chinese division and Team Liquid from the Western Division met in the final. In the end, W.EDGM made a comeback in 3 sets of 1v1, but Team Liquid still won the championship with the 2v2 duo KaNaRiOoo and Surgical Goblin in the 3 set match!

CRL World Finals 2019 Winners

In terms of the starting lineups of both sides, the starting lineups sent by Team Liquid are: Diego B, Egor, KaNaRiOoo, Surgical Goblin, and the players in the first two sets are KaNaRiOoo and Surgical Goblin. The first set is 2v2 and the second set is 1v1 Egor serves.

The starting lineup sent by W.EDGM is: Higher, Nuomici, qingfeng, Soloman. The first 2v2 will be played by Soloman & Nuomici, and the second 1v1 will be played by Higher.

Set 1 2v2 Duo

KaNaRiOoo + Surgical Goblin vs Soloman + Nuomiciwon and Set 1 is won by 2-1 KaNaRiOoo + Surgical Goblin

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