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New Da Hood Script 2023 – Unban, Aimlock, Gui, Aimbot

Welcome to our Da Hood Script Wiki Guide. If you’re looking for a free Da Hood Script Pastebin 2023, you’ve come to the perfect place. We provide a variety of Roblox Scripts and, as well as other freebies in Roblox.

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Best Da hood script Pastebin


POV View Aim Script


Ohio Mode V3 Da Hood Script


Aim Lock Script

print(“made by capi/xeno”)

getgenv().Prediction = 0.13
getgenv().AimPart = “HumanoidRootPart”
getgenv().Key = “Q”
getgenv().DisableKey = “P”

getgenv().FOV = true
getgenv().ShowFOV = false
getgenv().FOVSize = 55

–// Variables (Service)

local Players = game:GetService(“Players”)
local RS = game:GetService(“RunService”)
local WS = game:GetService(“Workspace”)
local GS = game:GetService(“GuiService”)
local SG = game:GetService(“StarterGui”)

–// Variables (regular)

local LP = Players.LocalPlayer
local Mouse = LP:GetMouse()
local Camera = WS.CurrentCamera
local GetGuiInset = GS.GetGuiInset

local AimlockState = true
local Locked
local Victim

local SelectedKey = getgenv().Key
local SelectedDisableKey = getgenv().DisableKey

–// Notification function

function Notify(tx)
SG:SetCore(“SendNotification”, {
Text = tx,
Duration = 5

–// Check if aimlock is loaded

if getgenv().Loaded == true then
Notify(“Aimlock is already loaded!”)

getgenv().Loaded = true

–// FOV Circle

local fov =“Circle”)
fov.Filled = false
fov.Transparency = 1
fov.Thickness = 1
fov.Color = Color3.fromRGB(255, 255, 0)
fov.NumSides = 1000

–// Functions

function update()
if getgenv().FOV == true then
if fov then
fov.Radius = getgenv().FOVSize * 2
fov.Visible = getgenv().ShowFOV
fov.Position =, Mouse.Y + GetGuiInset(GS).Y)

return fov

function WTVP(arg)
return Camera:WorldToViewportPoint(arg)

function WTSP(arg)
return Camera.WorldToScreenPoint(Camera, arg)

function getClosest()
local closestPlayer
local shortestDistance = math.huge

for i, v in pairs(game.Players:GetPlayers()) do
local notKO = v.Character:WaitForChild(“BodyEffects”)[“K.O”].Value ~= true
local notGrabbed = v.Character:FindFirstChild(“GRABBING_COINSTRAINT”) == nil

if v ~= game.Players.LocalPlayer and v.Character and v.Character:FindFirstChild(“Humanoid”) and v.Character.Humanoid.Health ~= 0 and v.Character:FindFirstChild(getgenv().AimPart) and notKO and notGrabbed then
local pos = Camera:WorldToViewportPoint(v.Character.PrimaryPart.Position)
local magnitude = (, pos.Y) –, Mouse.Y)).magnitude

if (getgenv().FOV) then
if (fov.Radius > magnitude and magnitude < shortestDistance) then
closestPlayer = v
shortestDistance = magnitude
if (magnitude < shortestDistance) then
closestPlayer = v
shortestDistance = magnitude
return closestPlayer

–// Checks if key is down

SelectedKey = SelectedKey:lower()
SelectedDisableKey = SelectedDisableKey:lower()
if k == SelectedKey then
if AimlockState == true then
Locked = not Locked
if Locked then
Victim = getClosest()

Notify(“Locked onto: “..tostring(Victim.Character.Humanoid.DisplayName))
if Victim ~= nil then
Victim = nil

Notify(“Aimlock is not enabled!”)
if k == SelectedDisableKey then
AimlockState = not AimlockState

–// Loop update FOV and loop camera lock onto target

if AimlockState == true then
if Victim ~= nil then
Camera.CFrame =, Victim.Character[getgenv().AimPart].Position + Victim.Character[getgenv().AimPart].Velocity*getgenv().Prediction)
while wait() do
if getgenv().AutoPrediction == true then
local pingvalue = game:GetService(“Stats”).Network.ServerStatsItem[“Data Ping”]:GetValueString()
local split = string.split(pingvalue,'(‘)
local ping = tonumber(split[1])
if ping < 225 then
getgenv().Prediction = 1.4
elseif ping < 215 then
getgenv().Prediction = 1.2
elseif ping < 205 then
getgenv().Prediction = 1.0
elseif ping < 190 then
getgenv().Prediction = 0.10
elseif ping < 180 then
getgenv().Prediction = 0.12
elseif ping < 170 then
getgenv().Prediction = 0.15
elseif ping < 160 then
getgenv().Prediction = 0.18
elseif ping < 150 then
getgenv().Prediction = 0.110
elseif ping < 140 then
getgenv().Prediction = 0.113
elseif ping < 130 then
getgenv().Prediction = 0.116
elseif ping < 120 then
getgenv().Prediction = 0.120
elseif ping < 110 then
getgenv().Prediction = 0.124
elseif ping < 105 then
getgenv().Prediction = 0.127
elseif ping < 90 then
getgenv().Prediction = 0.130
elseif ping < 80 then
getgenv().Prediction = 0.133
elseif ping < 70 then
getgenv().Prediction = 0.136
elseif ping < 60 then
getgenv().Prediction = 0.15038
elseif ping < 50 then
getgenv().Prediction = 0.15038
elseif ping < 40 then
getgenv().Prediction = 0.145
elseif ping < 30 then
getgenv().Prediction = 0.155
elseif ping < 20 then
getgenv().Prediction = 0.157

Auto Kill, Mobile Support Script

Here is the script for Auto Kill, Mobile Support, Just copy and paste them to your executor:



Wallhack, Speed Script 

Here is the script for Fly, Wallhack, Speed, Just copy and paste them to your executor:


3. Best Da Hood Script 2023


Silent Aim Script

getgenv().user_settings = {
silent_enabled = true,
hitbox = 'HumanoidRootPart',

aimbot_enabled = true,
aimbot_keybind = 'E',
aimbot_smoothing = 0.5, -- 0, 1 scale

fov_radius = 200,
prediction = 0.1377,
auto_prediction = true,
visible_check = true

loadstring(syn.request({Url = ''}).Body)()

Auto-Farm, Godmode, Anti Stomp Script


Roblox Da Hood Script Pastebin FAQs

Here are some basic questions related to Roblox Scripts.

Is It Safe to Use Roblox Script?

Yes, the Script for Da Hood is completely safe to use if you download or copy it from our website.

If you download this Roblox script from a random website, you risk losing your Roblox account.

To avoid any kind of loss, use a fresh account while executing the script.

How to run a script in Roblox?

If you don’t know how to use and Execute the script below here is what you have to do

Pick an exploit that will help you to execute the script

Download the exploit you chouse

Now Open that exploit

When you open the game press Inject or Attach

Paste the Da Hood Script in the script section

Press Execute

Recommended Exploits

To execute the scripts in Da Hood, you need an exploit or an executor as we said above and Below you can find all the. list of the most recommended executors or exploits for Roblox scripts:

Krnl Executor

JJ Spoilt Executor

Arceus X Executor

Evon Executor

Fluxus Executor

Delta Executor

Ducky Sploit Executor

That’s it, you can enjoy the Da Hood Script.

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