Da Piece Trello & Beginner Guide Wiki (2023)

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Hi guys, welcome to our Da Piece Trello for New Players. Da Piece is a Piece game developed by Handsome Studios’. In this guide, we will tell you How to Level Up, How to Get Devil Fruits, How to get Haki and much more.

So come and take a look at this article. Also, You can check our Roblox Games Codes and Roblox game Trello page.

Da Piece Trello & Beginner Guide Wiki

How to Level Up in  Da Piece

(IS STANDS FOR ISLAND) IS 1 – Lvl 0-30 do the first quest till level 6 then do the mountain bandit quest till 15 and finally the bandit boss till level 30 unless you got a good df like pika or Magu I suggest saving for katana and putting a lot in defence and sword because the lvl 25 quest the marines are very tanky or you can also just grind the lvl 15 boss till lvl 45.

IS 2 – From level 30 to 45 farm marines, you can farm them till 50 and do the boss in which case you will be farming him till level 60, you can also get ken and busy on this island very easily as there is a cave with 4 chests located in a cave in the island.

IS 3 – if you farmed marines till level 45 then just farm acrobats till level 60 as doing them is much faster than a marine boss, if you ground the marine boss till 60 then just do the best pirate you can cheese him with ease if you just go in the podium behind the boss and enter it farm till island till lvl 75 or 125.

IS 4 – if you have farmed till level 75 then do samurais till 90 or even 125, if you can’t kill them you can just do the IS 3 boss till level 100 so you have enough stats to kill them, you can also farm till lvl 200 to do the boss which will take a while.

IS 5 – if you have gotten level 125 you should farm monkey till level 300 or 500, you can also use this island to get pdfs as there are many Fruit Trees near each other, and you can farm the lvl the lvl 500 quest till your level 1k if you want.

IS 6 – if you get to level 300 just farm yeti till level 500 then go back to IS 5 and grind the boss there till 1k as the boss on this island is level 1k (IS STANDS FOR ISLAND)

How To Get Devil Fruits in Da Piece

Fruits spawn every 1 hour in the fruit trees on them. You can also buy them from the Devil Fruit Store. (Check out the Devil Fruit’s List for more information.)

Sells Fruits
Devil Fruits PRICE:

  • Suke – 25,000 $
  • Bomu – 25,000 $
  • Bari – 300,000 $
  • Gomu – 300,000 $
  • Pika – 2,000,000 $
  • Goro – 2,000,000 $
  • Magu – 2,000,000 $


How To Get Haki in Da Piece

  • All 3 Haki can be found in chests
    Hao is the rarest one and can also be bought with 750R$
  • The best location to get haki is in the cave from the level 25 island there are 4 chests located there alone but in total there are 6 or more chests on the island

That’s it for this Da Piece Trello & Beginner Guide Wiki.

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