Everdale Beginner Guide, Friend Link & Free Gems

Everdale is a peaceful building game based on cooperation and friendship developed by Supercell. In Everdale You have the option of expanding your village and the peaceful fields that surround you. In a world without invasions, wars, or losses, you can upgrade and grow. Simply let your villagers flourish on the land you’ve created with them.

Your Village is actually a part of a greater Valley, in which you and nine other players work to create a massive, fantastic paradise! You’ll meet a diverse cast of characters in the Valley, manufacture homemade goods, and trade with merchants from faraway locations. You can also participate in local adventures and level up your villagers at the esteemed Valley Guilds.

So come and take a look at the basic Everdale guide.

Everdale Beginners Guide

Managing Your soup is important:

The soup is needed because all other jobs spend need it to function. Your villagers keep eating it regularly. A good rule of thumb is one pumpkin patch villager per two working villagers.

Keep your kitchen full of berries and mushrooms, you can use them to instantly create soup in when you click the kitchen building. Eggs are also good after getting the chicken coop.

When online I always first gather berries and mushrooms to max capacity manually, you can use the speed the make it quicker. Berries and mushrooms respawn when AFK, so make sure to gather them.

I primarily use eggs for soup because they respawn with no effort.

Don’t worry about spending any of these to make soup, they all replenish. Keep getting that soup in!

Upgrade your wood and clay storage in Everdale:

Prioritize researching and upgrading your storage. You need more resources in later builds, and more room to fill longer when going AFK.

When you get 2nd storages you can move them next to constructing buildings, which shortens the builders walk distance to them and shortens the build-time.

Going AFK:

All storages and jobs end quickly in the beginning so maximizing this is important.

The easiest thing is to put villagers to the valleys sheep pasture and wheat field, they take a long time so are ideal for overnight jobs. Avoid these if you online managing your villagers.

Start with an empty kitchen and storage, and place one in all production buildings, and choose communal projects which need a lot of clay and wood. When coming online you have something to spend your resources immediately.

Everdale Valley:

You research this early and you are added to the random valley. You can search and find a better one if there aren’t many active players and/or no communal buildings completed.

Be sure to contribute to building projects and make shipments to increase research. This is the main core of the game, so don’t hoard resources. You need tickets that regenerate over time, so spend them often.

A good tip is to make 2 easy shipments/builds quick (gold or resource you have plenty) and then take one that takes longer as you wait for your new shipping /building tokens.

If you like to be a leader, the best way is to turn an inactive valley into an active one. You may only need one other vote to get leader status. You can kick “dead” players after that.

Remember that people in other time zones may be sleeping so don’t expect people to be online when you do. Leave messages in chat if you need to check if people are still playing.

Don’t spam the vote for leader if not campaigning to be one, that’s dumb.

When leader you can change the description and make the village invite-only if you prefer.

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Evertale Study

You can unlock new Research Projects for your village in the Study, such as:

  • Buildings
  • Level-ups
  • Materials
  • Recipes

Assign a villager to the Research Project you want to open. You must gain Village XP to raise your Study level. Then you’ll be able to access even more Research Projects! While research takes time, you can make it go faster by utilizing Scrolls. Each Scroll reduces research time by one minute.

You will be able to apply the new Research Project to your Village after it is completed. This could be a brand-new structure or an improvement to an existing one.

What If there are No buildings to upgrade

If there are no buildings for you to upgrade, chances are you have to complete a Research Project in the Study!

Research is locked

Locked Research means you need to increase your Village XP! Make sure to construct new buildings or upgrade existing ones in the village. If you have no available actions, upgrading your Study will do the trick.

Join The Valley

As soon as you reach Study Level 4 and research the Valley, you will automatically join one! The Valley is the hub of activity between multiple villages. Up to 10 villages can be in a Valley.

Together, you can advance big Research Projects by completing Ship tasks. Construct new buildings or upgrade existing ones to gather Valley XP, just like you do in your Village.

Understanding all the Resource

Learn how to use resources to grow your Valley and community in Everdale

Everdale Coins – Coins are used to build and upgrade structures in your Valley and settlement. Complete tasks from Otto’s Trading Booth and the Harbor ships to earn coins, or buy them from the Shop. You can earn Coin in Everdale by Complete tasks

Experience Points (XP) – You can earn XP by exploring. By building anything new or upgrading one of your existing structures, you will gain 1 XP point. Your village will level up as you earn enough XP points, unlocking amazing new items.

The Road to Reputation – Reputation Road indicates how much you’ve given back to the Valley. When you reach a certain reputation level, you will be rewarded with a variety of benefits. Reputation Road can be accessed by tapping the ‘Heart’ icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

Completing ship duties at the Harbor and helping with construction projects in the Valley will earn you Reputation Points.

Scrolls – Scrolls are used to speed the study process. Each Scroll adds one minute to your research time. Scrolls can be found in chests and on the Reputation Road.

Shipping  Tokens – One Shipping Ticket is consumed for each ship task you complete. You can’t take over a task if you don’t have any more Tickets. They regenerate over time, which is great news. Reputation Road will reward you with more available Tickets.

Gems – The premium currency in the game is gems. They’re available in the Shop! They can be used to replace lost materials or to purchase products from the Shop.

Everdale Friend Link for Free Gems

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How to get free 1000 gems in Everdale

  • Invite your friends to Everdale and receive up to 1 000 Gems.
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  • Note that this feature is available after you have joined a valley.
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Everdale Friend Invite Link

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