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FF7 Ever Crisis Best Weapons for Each Charcaters 2023

Welcome to our FF7 Ever Crisis Best Weapons guide. In this article, we will show you the Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis’s Best Weapon for each character available in the game.

So come and look at this FF7 Ever Crisis Best Weapons Guide. You can also read our FF7 Ever Crisis Tier List

FF7 Ever Crisis Best Weapons for Each Character

Cloud Strife: The Lightning DPS Maestro

Recommended Role: Main Single Target Nuker/Boss Killer.

Top Weapons:

  • Murasame: Optimal for single-target lightning physical damage.
  • Hardedge: A versatile nuking option; that reduces the enemy’s physical defense.
  • Apocalypse: Non-elemental physical powerhouse. Pairs well with Wind material.
  • Mythril Saber: For those eyeing a magic route for Cloud.

Honorable Mention:

  • Crystal Sword: Consider this if Cloud is your primary healer.

Barret Wallace: The Rugged AoE Specialist

Recommended Role: Secondary Damage Dealer (Wave Clear & Support).

Top Weapons:

  • W Machine: The go-to for consistent debuffs on enemies.
  • Enemy Launcher / Flame Projector / Microlaser: Your answers for wave clearing.
  • Assault Gun: Essential for a significant defensive buff.
  • Solid Bazooka: Single target brute force.

Tifa Lockhart: The Balanced Brawler

Recommended Role: Secondary Damage Dealer (Debuff Specialist).

Top Weapons:

  • Tiger Fangs / Sonic Striker: Ideal to counter imminent boss nukes.
  • Motor Drive: Tifa’s highest DPS, especially against Wind-susceptible foes.
  • Kaiser Knuckles: For a magical twist to Tifa’s skills.
  • Crystal Gloves: Aoe wave clear option.

Aerith Gainsborough: The Healing Harbinger

Recommended Role: Hybrid Healer/Magic Damage Dealer.

Top Weapons:

  • Wizard Staff / Wizer Staff / Silver Staff: AoE Magic sweepers.
  • Fairy Tale: Essential healing tool; also boosts healing strength.
  • Full Metal Staff: Offers damage while debuffing enemy’s attack potency.
  • Mythril Rod: A blend of defensive buff and healing.

Red XIII: The Mystical Support

Recommended Role: Magic DPS Enhancer.

Top Weapons:

  • Platinum Collar: Perfect for paired AoE magic assault.
  • Noble Collar: Red’s elemental magic AoE answer.
  • Junk Collar: Combines potent damage with magic attack reduction.
  • Gold Collar: Red’s healing utility, providing AoE regen.

Zack Fair: The All-Rounder

Recommended Role: Primary DPS with Dual Damage Potential.

Top Weapons:

  • Falchion: A unique AoE physical with a Wind twist.
  • Zweihander: A freebie, but a force to be reckoned with.
  • Cutlass & Arc Sword: Best of both worlds, offering both physical and magical power.
  • Enhance Sword Z: Another elemental magic AoE option.

Matt: The Surprise MVP

Recommended Role: Main DPS with Supportive Overtones.

Top Weapons:

  • Killer Hornet & Broadsword Axis: Intense single-target damage.
  • Slick Beetle: Essential for enemy debuffs.
  • Stingray: A magic option with added debuff.
  • Prime Number: A potent healing option.

Glenn: The Dynamic Damager

Recommended Role: Secondary Damage Dealer/Wave Clear.

Top Weapons:

  1. Piece of Cake: Reliable debuff tool.
  2. Jiggy Fam / Shockbuster: Elemental AoE answers.
  3. Apology in Hell: Physical prowess encapsulated.
  4. Crewkicker: Single target inferno.

Lucia: The Elemental Empress

Recommended Role: Main/Secondary DPS.

  • Top Weapons:
  • Pulse Gun: The Water warrior.
  • Serpent Gun: Windy wave clear.
  • Mad Minute: Physical power and enemy debuffs.
  • Black Rifle: The silencing shot.

That’s it for this FF7 Ever Crisis Best Weapons for Each Character.

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