How to Unlock King in (Without Survivor Pass), the popular online multiplayer battle royale game, has introduced a new character, King, in its Season 5 battle pass. King is a new survivor in the game with unique skills that can greatly enhance your gameplay. If you want to How to Unlock King in (Without Survivor Pass), Read this article till the end

The best way to get King is through the Season 5 battle pass. When you purchase a Season 5 battle pass in, you will be able to unlock King.

You have to complete tiers and you will unlock various rewards, including King shards, that will help you to unlock new characters. Now you will need 80 King shards to unlock King and add him to your roster of survivors.

However, if you’re not interested in purchasing the battle pass or prefer to earn King through gameplay, there are other ways to obtain King shards. One way is by playing Ender’s Echo, a game mode within

If you rank high enough at the end of the season in Ender’s Echo, you may receive rewards that include random character shards, including King shards.

It’s important to note that the availability of King shards through Ender’s Echo may be subject to change, so be sure to check for updates.

How to Unlock King in (Without Survivor Pass)

Another way to earn King shards is by playing battles in Ender’s Echo and unlocking chests. Some of these chests may contain random shards, including King shards, as rewards.

So, the more battles you play and the chests you unlock in Ender’s Echo, the higher your chances of obtaining King shards.

Once you’ve collected enough King shards, you can use them to unlock the character and add him to your collection of survivors in

King comes with a set of powerful skills that can significantly boost your gameplay. His 1-star skill, Survivor Instinct, increases your Crit Rate by 8% for each level. At 3 stars, Survivor Instinct evolves into Sixth Sense, which adds Crit Rate, Crit Damage, and HP to King’s abilities.

And at 6 stars, King’s passive skill, Lucky Kill, allows for re-calculation of a failed critical hit and adds additional attack power.

if you’re looking to unlock King in Season 5 battle pass, you can purchase the battle pass and progress through the tiers to earn King shards.

Another way is you can play Ender’s Echo, rank high, and earn rewards that may include King shards, or unlock chests in Ender’s Echo to potentially obtain King shards.

Once you’ve collected enough shards, you can unlock King and take advantage of his unique skills to dominate the battlefield in

That’s it for this How to Unlock King in (Without Survivor Pass) Guide

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