Idle Berserker Beginner Guide 2024 – Skill builds, Farming Tip

Aaqib Javed
Aaqib Javed
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Hi guys, welcome to our Idle Berserker Beginner Guide 2024, In this Idle Berserker Beginner Guide you will information about the Shop Tier list, Early Game Guide, [Level 0-200], Farming Tip, Skill builds, Boss, Guild boss, and Farm: Best skill to worst. This guide is shared by [Pselliopus] MakimaSDog.

So come and take a look at this Idle Berserker Beginner Guide – Skill builds, Boss Guide.

Idle Berserker Beginner Guide 2024

Shop Tier List

  • No-ads (infinite oath highest value)
  • New User Pass (SSR costume high value) Anything else is extra, but costumes are good for late game
  • Divine Knight
  • You can get a boost early from Passes / otherwise go straight for expensive costumes.
  • Event passes are high value, but you need to buy every event

Early Game [Level 0-200]

Only buy BoxA Weapons&Gauntlet! (95% of your Diamond on BoxA, while 5% on skills BoxC)

Masterypt distribution: Attack Speed > Exp rate > Crit chance > Attack

After getting 5S Weapon and Gauntlet you should buy costumes for 40k Diamond

Farming Tip

  • Go to a stage where you can one-shot monsters with your skills
  • Put Masterypt into Exp & Gold rate
  • Get your Dragon Keys

1. Buy 2x Dragon keys from Shop daily.

2. Reroll Requests for Dragon keys! A 20-30k Diamond is still worth it!

3. You get 2x keys from daily reset, you want to get about 10 per day.

Idle Berserker Skill builds

Farm: Best skill to worst

  • Blizzard
  • Judgement
  • Grip
  • Blades:
  • Contract
  • Bloodthirst
  • Feast
  • Embodiment

Mastery Early game: Gold–>Exp–>All on attack, go to a stage where you can 1shot them with basic attacks.
Mastery Mid game(lvl 500+): Amplify atk–>Exp–>Gold–>Atk (same as early, basic attacks).

Mastery with 70%+Crit chance: Amplify atk–>Exp–>Gold–>Crit chance–>Atk Speed–>Atk(go to a stage when your crit with Auto-Attacks 1shot them).

End game (Be more than 1000lvl)(personal opinion): Amplify atk–>Exp–>Gold–>AtkSpeed–>Crit chance–>Skill dmg–>Atk (Here you need to watch out where your Blizzard 1shots them, is the skill with the less dmg)

why this  Embodiment instead of Survival you get faster into berserker again, that’s the reason I put mastery points in AS


Idle Berserker Beginner Guide

Momentum, Blizzard, Silence (B) Contempt / Contract, Survival (B) Corruption (A) Bloodthirst

Mastery post 500: Amply Attack–>Boss dmg–>Crit Chance–>Crit Dmg–>Attack speed–>Attack

Start the battle using all the skills in the order like they are here—>auto zerker—>you can use Silence & Contempt again–> wait for cds(all 4 skills)–> when you go into the second zerker use them all. (Till the berserker duration is less time at the begining I dont remember if this is the most efficient early on sorry)

Guild boss:

Idle Berserker Beginner Guide

Momentum, Blizzard, Contempt, Silence / Contract, Immortality, Corruption, Survival

Revive(Immortality) is the key to getting more damage.

Lower damage would keep you surviving longer. So lower gears are more sustainable.

Cast Blizzard at 70% rage to keep mobs behind/dead so they won’t block your damage.

That’s it for this Idle Berserker Beginner Guide. You can find working codes on our IDLE Berserker Action RPG Coupon Codes Page

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