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How to Level up Slime in Legend of Slime (December 2023)

Welcome to our guide on How to Level up Slime in Legend of Slime. Below, we have shared a few tips that will help you to level up your slimes and unlock your unique skills. This guide is shared by xEndy [INF2 10-7], so you can trust that you’re getting pro player advice.

So, come and take a look at this how to level up your slimes in Legend of Slime guide

How to Level up Slime in Legend of Slime

Once you unlock the mine, dig down to a depth of at least 250m to reveal a new mineable resource:

XP Shard

Each time this is mined you will get 1 Shard.

Go to the Slime tab and tap ‘Change Character’. Here, you can spend your Shards to level up slimes.

Leveling up slimes unlocks their Unique Skill, as well as a number of passive bonuses that apply to every slime no matter which one is equipped.

Each time a slime gains a level, you will earn a Mastery Point. Spend these in the Common Mastery tab for permanent game bonuses. Note that you must complete a node entirely to move on to the next nodes linked to it further up the Mastery tree.

NOTE: Using “Reset” for 10 Gems is useful during this process. Early on, you can Reset to spend Mastery points on XP Increase nodes before spending your Shards.

This will allow you to use fewer Shards to increase slime levels. Then, Reset again and move your Mastery points to nodes that provide damage. Since 10 Gems is very cheap, this can be repeated as needed.

How to Promote Your Slimes

Tear of Slime

These can be earned through Daily Quests, the alchemy shop, and from various Event rewards.

At level 100, slimes can be Promoted using Tear of Slime. This will unlock a new passive boost, as well as allowing you to level a slime 20 more times using Shards to gain Promotion Points. These are spent on the Promotion Mastery tab in the same manner as Common Mastery points.

Every 20 levels above level 100 will unlock another potential Promotion, requiring increasing amounts of Tear of Slime. Through Promotions, each slime can achieve a maximum level of 200.

That’s it for this How to Level up Slime in Legend of Slime, for more guide you can visit our Legend of Slime Wiki

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