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Welcome to Obey Me Nightbringer Event Guide, In this Obey Me Nightbringer Event Guide, we will you about some tips shared by Manda. In general, the key to events are two things; cheat cards and consistency.

So come and take a look at this Obey Me Nightbringer Event Guide

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Consistency + Understanding how it works

Consistency is the easier one, it relies on no luck, just dedication to logging in and doing all of your clears daily.

You’ll notice that when you play the event, you only have x3 clears per stage. This is the max amount you can do per stage, per day (until reset which is at 11 AM EST). Preferably, you’re going to want to do this every single day during the event’s runtime to maximize the amount of points you can obtain. In addition to this, you get 5 video clears (watch a video, get a clear) per day, so make sure to do those too.

For Nightbringer specifically, you’re also going to want to get S rank on as many of the levels as possible, as getting an S rank gives you more points! (130 base points, to be exact!) If you can’t do this, it’ll lower your points per clear by 10 every rank down.

S – 130
A – 120
B – 110
C – 100
D – Fail 🙁

Doing your clears daily [including video clears] with all S ranks and no cheat cards, (as of now, this may change in future events with different numbers of stages or other changes), will grant you a total of 152,880 points for free. This is assuming best case scenario though.

Cheat Cards

Now, you’ll notice I mentioned “base points” and “cheat cards” above. While most players will get the base number of points, there are things called “cheat cards” that can grant you more points ontop of the base number.

Normally, a gacha will come out one or two days prior to the opening of an event. The gacha may or may not be related to the theme of the event, but the gacha will normally contain that event’s cheat cards. For example, the current event’s theme is “The Cursed Seed and the Fertilizing Flame”, but the corresponding gacha is “Hexed Horror Movies”. Unrelated, but it does contain this event’s cheat cards!

Want to be sure of which cards are the cheat cards? Open up Nightmare, then click on the icon at the top left. There, click on Rewards. See that red text on the bottom of some of the cards? That signifies a cheat card!

The card below is a cheat card for the Festival event! The rewards screen will let you know what event that cheat card corresponds to, if you’re ever unsure what’s a cheat card and what’s not. In the original game, there were SR cheat cards as well, but there hasn’t been any yet in Nightbringer (so you may have to scroll down more in the Nightmare Rewards to check, if they do in the future).

Obey Me Nightbringer Event Guide
Image Via: Manda

Normally, you’ll want cheat cards for events you want to progress further in, so if you’re invested in the theme or a card in an event, you’re advised to try to pull in the gacha to get some of these cheat cards. So, instead of that 130 points per clear, you can get even up to 300 points per clear (which will certainly boost you further in the event)!

URs/UR+s grant 35.9 extra points per clear, with 6 points per additional copy.
SSRs grant 18.3 extra points per clear, with 3.6 points per additional copy.
SRs grant 5.7 extra points per clear, with 1.2 points per additional copy. [If applicable. Leaving this here incase they do come back in Nightbringer, but they may not.]

Your resulting number gets rounded and added to the base number of 100-130 (depending on stage ranking). These extra points can even double the standard amount of points you can get normally, so make sure you take advantage of it when you do get cheat cards!

It’s also nice to note that you do not need to use the cards in your team for them to work their magic, it should be good to go with just owning it.

In this screenshot here, you can see that I get an extra 68 points per clear because of my cheat cards, totaling 198 points per clear instead of 130!

Other than that, most of events are just going to be grinding things out.

If you think you’ll be short on points for any reward or reason (like ranking), you can also spend D-Energy or Devil Points (x5) to obtain 3 more clears on a stage. You can find this by clicking on a stage and hitting the + next to the Battles left: button (shown below). It’ll use up your D-Energy first, and then you have the option to use Devil Points on it.

I wouldn’t suggest doing it unless you’ve done the math to know if your supplies can get you to your desired goal, but many just shoot their shot and hope for the best.

Honestly, I think that’s most of the advice/info about events I have. Mostly, I’d just say don’t expect to rank or get every reward in every event, you’ll more often than not end up always short on supplies and not really getting to your desired goal. Don’t pull in every gacha, don’t throw all of your supplies into every event and you’ll have a MUCH better time when you actually choose to do such.


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