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Pubg Mobile Flare Gun Location Erangel 2019 October

Pubg Mobile Flare Gun Location in Erangel Hi guys I will tell you Pubg Mobile Flare Gun Location in Erangel 2019 September As Pubg Flare Gun is rare to find. It is only available in some few locations on the map.

The location which is listed below have a huge chance of finding PUBG flare gun and not only one flare gun is found, you will find more than 2 flare gun. Even I had found 5 flare gun in the same match and in the same location.

Pubg Mobile Flare Gun Location in Erangel

Pubg Mobile Flare Gun Location in Erangel:

1.) Georgopol:

Georgopol is located at the top left side of the erangel map near ruins and hospital.

In Georgopol, you will always find a flare gun near the tower side container location.

It is possible that more than 2 flare gun will be found near it.

But always backup yourself as most of the player goes to Georgopol location as it is one of the best locations for loots.

2.) Novorepnoye

Novorepnoyel is located at bottom right corner in the map near the military base. Novorepnoye location is as similar than Georgopol as there is also container over there.

Novorepnoye is one of the finest places to loot and to visit as most of the case enemies camp in it. You can find PUBG flare gun over there easily.

3.) Military Base

The military base is located at the middle bottom of the erangel map with most significant loots.

You will definitely find flare gun in the c-type building or at the tower or at the other location in it

The military base was the area where I had found 4 flare gun. 2 flare gun in building and 2 flare guns in enemies crates in the military base.

But always be prepared for a fight as most of the enemies prefer military base to land as it is loaded with amazing loot stuff.

4.) School

School is located at the middle of the Erangel map. As there are few apartments and the main building, there are more chances that you will find a flare gun fast.

But some of the time, you will not find any flare gun near it.

Try that your friend or you must carry a sniper with a decent scope to snipe enemies in the building.

5.) Zharki:

Zharki is situated at the top left corner in the Erangel map. Although there are plenty of houses in it, there is less chance you will find multiple flare guns.

But you will find one flare gun near it.

As it is located at the top left corner, there are fewer chances that you will find enemies near it.

Credit: gamingstreak

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