Top 5 Best Rush Royale Sentry Deck for Arena 9+

Aaqib Javed
Aaqib Javed
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Hi guys, I will show you the best Rush Royale Sentry Deck for Arena 9, these are the new Sentry decks that’s been increasing in popularity since the recent Sentry buff. The Rush Royale meta has been shifted from thunder/Engineer to Sentry because in recent march balance changes Sentry got a huge buff and thunderer got nerf, After June balance update Engineer got nerf and no F2P Arena 9 players have no choice except to use Sentry.

Now Sentry is a more powerful card in a rush royale and everyone started using sentry in arena 9 and above so in this post, we will see some good sentry decks for Arena 9+.

so here is a list of some of the best Arena 9 Decks that will help you to push your trophies and you can easily reach Arena 10 in rush royale.

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1.) Sentry Chemist Deck Arena 9+

Rush Royale Sentry Chemist Deck

This Sentry Chemist Deck is a very F2P deck in rush royale because this deck only contains epics and rare which means all f2p can easily upgrade these cards.

In this Sentry deck, we have Chemist, Vampire, Plague Doctor, and Bombardier, vampire at least level 4 before First Boss, Vampire will help you to gain extra mana.

A plague Doctor will help you to do area damage and a Chemist will help you to increase damage taken by monsters.

Before 2nd Boss tries to have at least 3 or 4 Sentry of Level 3 and 2 Plague Docter of Level 2 and 2 chemists of Level 2 or 3.

2.) Sentry Wind Archer Deck Arena 9+

Rush Royale Sentry Wind Archer Deck

This is another F2p deck, In this deck, we have Wind Archer to deal damage, Priestess will help to gain mana-mana, Since Executioner finishes of a monster with health below certain, It will help you finishes of monsters below 42% Health at max level.

3.) Rush Royale Sentry Meteor Deck Arena 9+

Rush Royale Sentry Meteor Deck

This deck is not a good choice for F2p because this has 2 legendary cards Meteor and Harlequin, If you have both of these cards you can use this in PvP mode.

The goal of this deck is very simple, you have to merge your mime and meteor when you have lots of monsters on the board, Metero will help you kill all the monsters in a particular area.

4.) Rush Royale Sentry Crystalmancer Deck Arena 9+

Rush Royale Sentry Grindstone Deck

This is a new deck that has three cards that got buff in march balance update,

5.) Rush Royale Sentry Hex Deck Arena 9+

Rush Royale Sentry Hex Deck

I chose the Sentry with the Hex and I was surprised at how well the deck worked, so I decided to see how far I could get with this Rush Royale Sentry Hex Deck and I reached League 1 in Rush royale very easily.

Crystalmancer now works well in every deck because he also got buff and now his Initial damage increased so people started using him in Pvp mode.

So, guys, that’s it for now, we will update this page with more Sentry Decks in the future and If you are having a problem against Shaman Decks You take a look at this How to Play & Counter Shaman in Rush Royale (Shaman Guide).

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