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Hi guys, Welcome to our SCP Site Roleplay Trello, In this guide we will show you best Team, Weapons. Visceraled’s SCP: Site Roleplay is a ROBLOX game based on the SCP genre. The game has several roles to play as; each role with its own dedicated purpose and objectives to complete. These roles have their own unique uniform, equipment, and ranks. SCP: Site Roleplay, also known as Site-64, possesses multiple entities, or “SCPs”, as we like to call them.

Within the Foundation, these SCPs are safeguarded and contained. Departments are responsible for helping in the containment of SCPs. Some departments specialize in researching SCPs, while others are in charge of capturing and containing them. So come and take a look at this Roblox Game Trello. Also, You can check our Roblox Games Codes page.

SCP Site Roleplay Trello 2022 – Tool, Weapons Tier List

SCP Site Roleplay Trello Weapons

This is the Weapons section of the SCP Site Roleplay Trello. Weapons are what keep The Foundation in balance. Whether they’re used to stop rogue Class-D, or used to recontain SCPs. Of course, on the other hand, they can be used to cause insanity throughout The Foundation, such as Class-D riots and Chaos Insurgency raids.

In this SCP Site Roleplay, each weapon found in-game is listed from Handguns to PDWs, to Rifles, and lastly the LMG. Each card will have the weapon’s description, cost (if purchasable), damage, rate of fire, and magazine size. Each card will also include what team(s) the weapon can be found in, as well as other means of acquiring them.


The Glock 17 is a powerful pistol. Holding 18 rounds, it can pack a serious punch per magazine. Manufactured by the Austrian company Glock, it is a popular choice from civilian shooting to police, security, and even military forces in 48 countries. The Glock 17 is the cheapest permanent gamepass weapon in the game, and the cheapest weapon purchasable in the in-game shop.

Although it may be 5 robux per life, or 80 Robux to be permanent, it is great to take out somebody quickly, and is favorable in the hands of a Chaos Insurgent or a Class-D. The Glock 17 can also come in handy as a self defense weapon for a Scientist. This weapon can be acquired via gamepass, one-life purchase, or the ScD team as an Overseer.

Weapon Statistics

•Cost: 80 Robux permanent gamepass, 5 Robux one life in-game shop.
•Damage: 10 damage to the body and limbs, 20 damage to the head.
•Rate of Fire: Semi-auto. 500 RPM
•Magazine size: 18 rounds.


The “Deagle” also known as the Desert Eagle is a gas powered semi-automatic pistol. Equipped with a 7 round magazine, though with such a small chamber it still is able to pack a punch. This is due to it’s ability to shoot .50 Caliber Bullets with little recoil.

Weapon Statistics

•Cost: Comes with SiD and O5 gamepasses, SiD costing 1250 robux and O5 costing 2500 robux
•Damage: 20 Bodyshot | 30 Headshot
•Rate of Fire: Semi-Automatic. 267 RPM
•Mag Size: 7


The UMP-45 is a medium damage SMG that is good to pull out in a pinch. The weapon has a mediocre fire rate along with a 26 round magazine. It can deal a lot of damage to an unsuspecting victim, making it especially good for the Class-D team. It also can add a full auto to a team like Site Director. It is an overall average gun, and it can win many 1v1 situations. This weapon is great for a quick and easy attack.

Weapon Statistics
•Cost: Comes with the LEVEL 5 Clearance gamepass, which costs 500 robux
•Damage: 12 Bodyshot | 20 Headshot
•Rate of Fire: Moderate. 625 RPM
•Mag Size: 30

SCP Site Roleplay P90 Gun

The P90 is the main weapon used by the Security Department, and plays the job well. It has a high rate of fire, and a large magazine of 50 rounds. This weapon can take down hostile Class-D in an instant. The only weakness of this weapon is the low damage it has, but the amount of ammo you can hold per magazine makes up for it. It can also be purchased in the in-game shop for one life for 10 robux.

Weapon Statistics

Cost: Free with the SD team or 10 robux for 1 life in the in-game shop
Damage: 10 Bodyshot | 15 Headshot
Rate of Fire: Fast. 900 RPM
Mag Size: 50

SCP Site Roleplay MP5SD Gun

The H&K (Heckler & Koch) MP5 is a German submachine-gun designed in the 1960s. The gun is chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum. The MP5 is well known for it’s compact design, and reliability. The MP5 sees service in over forty different nations, as well as their police forces. In this game, it is suppressed, and is arguably the best SMG in the game.

The MP5SD is used by the Intelligence Agency (IA), Site Director (SiD) and the O5 Command (O5) as their main weapon, with its amazingly fast rate of fire and 31 rounds per magazine (12 damage per hit), the MP5SD can shred their enemies with ease. However, due to its fast rate of fire and a fairly small magazine, it is quite difficult to kill enemies with a single mag; thus, resulting in multiple long reloads which will result in giving the enemy the advantage.

Weapon Statistics

Cost: Must either buy IA (350 ROBUX), SiD (1250 ROBUX), or O5 Command (2500 ROBUX)
Damage: 12 Bodyshot | 25 Headshot
Rate of Fire: Fast. 800 RPM
Mag Size: 30


The FAMAS is a bullpup assault rifle developed and produced by MAS in France in 1978, a year after the Austrian Steyr AUG. Because of its unusual shape, French troops refer to it as Le Clairon. The FAMAS is well known due to its fast rate of fire, until 2028, the FAMAS is anticipated to be in limited service.
In-game, this weapon is used by the MTF unit labelled as Nu-7 (Hammer Down). The gun itself is quite capable of handling Class-D uprisings and Raids. With 30 rounds per magazine, each doing 15 damage while sustaining a moderately fast rate of fire, this gun is not to be messed with.

Weapon Statistics

Cost: Free (can only be acquired by playing as Nu-7 or CO+ in RRT
Damage: 15 Bodyshot | 23 Headshot
Rate of Fire: Moderately fast
Mag Size: 30


SCP Site Roleplay Trello 2022 - Tool, Weapons Tier List

The MK18 is a CQBR (Close Quarters Battle Receiver) variant of the M4 family, it is designed for Close Quarters Combat (CQC), and notably shorter than the M4. The CQBR was first adopted by the Naval Special Warfare community, particularly the SEAL teams, but it has since spread to other groups such as the Green Berets and the Coast Guard’s Maritime Security and Safety Teams (MSST) and Maritime Security Response Team (MSRT) (MSRT).
The MK18 is used in-game by MTF units designated as Beta-7 and Epsilon-11, it is also used by unit-less MTF personnel. It is a fair and adequate gun, its magazine size and bullet damage compensates for its underwhelming rate of fire. It holds 30 bullets per magazine, with each bullet dealing 15 damage. The MK18 can also be obtained via the in-game one-life shop, it costs 8 ROBUX.

Weapon Statistics

Cost: 8 ROBUX, free if playing as Beta-7, Epsilon-11, and unit-less MTF
Damage: 15 Bodyshot | 30 Headshot
Rate of Fire: Moderate
Mag Size: 30


The M4 is a well rounded weapon, and can only be used by Class-D or Chaos Insurgency, meaning no Foundation Personnel can have this weapon. The M4, with its fast fire rate, holding 30 rounds each doing 10 damage is a viable weapon for Class-D. The gun, with its in-game mechanic, is mainly stolen or obtained from either the Chaos Insurgency spawn or The Foundation’s armory. This adds a way for even Class-D without gamepasses to get weapons without spending robux.

Weapon Statistics

Cost: 225 robux for the Hostile Test Subject gamepass, or free if stolen from either The Foundation’s or the Chaos Insurgency’s armory
Damage: 15 Bodyshot | 25 Headshot
Rate of Fire: Moderately Fast
Mag Size: 30


The Heckler & Koch HK416 is a gas-operated assault rifle designed and manufactured by the German company Heckler & Koch. It has many variants and designs. First used by the US’ 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment–Delta (Delta Force) in 2004, it has proved to be a formidable weapon and is now used by many militaries worldwide.

Equipped by the MTF unit classified as Alpha-1, the HK416 is an assault rifle holding 30 rounds each dealing 15 damage and a fast rate of fire. If used properly, the HK can easily suppress riots and CI raids. There is currently no known way to acquire the HK416 other than joining Alpha-1. In-game, the weapon sounds fairly quiet; thus, giving Alpha-1 operatives an advantage over Class-D’s when it comes to stealth.

Weapon Statistics

Cost: Only obtainable by joining Alpha-1
Damage: 12 Bodyshot | 20 Headshot
Rate of Fire: Moderately Fast. 800 RPM.
Mag Size: 30


The SCAR-H, or FN SCAR, is a Belgian manufactured assault rifle. It was designed by FN Herstal in 2004. The gun is chambered in NATO 5.56x45mm, and has up to 20 rounds in the magazine.
The SCAR-H is used by the Rapid Response Team (RRT) as their main weapon. It is not that exceptional at combat, due to its slow rate of fire, only 30 rounds per magazine and 15 damage per hit. Even though it serves as the RRT’s main weapon, operators usually prefer the FAMAS over their SCAR-H. Overall, it is a quite disappointing weapon, and is rarely used during in-game combat.

Weapon Statistics

Cost: 12 ROBUX (one-life shop)
Damage: 18 Bodyshot | 30 Headshot
Rate of Fire: Moderate. 625 RPM
Mag Size: 30

SCP Site Roleplay AK-47 Gun

The AK-47 is known in movies and video games as a loud, strong, fully automatic and Russian rifle, and all of these are true. The AK-47 is a famous Russian rifle that was used back in 1949, when it was brought into the Soviet Army. This weapon, known for being the “bad guys weapon”, is still being used today by many forces.

The AK-47 is the weapon used by the Chaos Insurgency. This weapon, although known for being strong and loud, is actually quiet. Ontop of being quiet, it blends in well with darker environments, making it easy to sneak around as a CI and kill enemies stealthily. It is a very good weapon, and it suits the Chaos Insurgency role like it should.

Weapon Statistics

Cost: Used by the Chaos Insurgency, which costs 280 robux
Damage: 15 Bodyshot | 20 Headshot
Rate of Fire: Moderate. 600 RPM.
Mag Size: 30


The M249 is a behemoth of a gun. This 100 round box magazine holding weapon, adopted by the U.S. Army in 1984, is a force not to be reckoned with, especially in-game. It delivers a heavy amount of damage in a short time, and can continue doing so for a long time.

The M249 is currently one of the best weapons in the game, sustaining a fast rate of fire for 100 rounds, doing 12 damage each. It deals a large amount of damage quickly, and is hard to defeat. It does have one weakness, which is the time it takes to reload. The weapon turns the player into a loud and strong enemy, whether it is wielded by The Foundation, the Chaos Insurgency, or even a Class-D.

The M249 can only be obtained by either buying it from the one-life item shop in-game, or permanently buying it via the game’s shop located in its page.

Weapon Statistics

Cost: 1000 if permanent, 35 for 1 life in the in-game shop
Damage: 15 Bodyshot | 20 Headshot
Rate of Fire: Fast. 1000 RPM
Mag Size: 100

SCP Site Roleplay Trello Tools


The taser is a tool given to most foundation combative teams. This is a tool that, when fired at a CD will stun them for a few seconds meaning they fall to the ground and cannot equip any weapons.

Riot Shield

The riot shield is a tool which is given to RRT and MTF, but can also be made in 914. When shot at, you will not take damage however there is a weak spot on the right arm where CD can shoot to damage you.


Individuals on a gamepass team, or on the Security Department team with the rank of Sergeant or higher will get handcuffs. If you touch these handcuffs on a Class-D they will get a prompt allowing them to either accept or resist the cuffs. These cuffs should only be used when necessary.

Iron Bars

Iron Bars can be picked up from the generator room, when placed into broken vents they will fix them.

Blow Torch

The blow torch breaks vents when turned on and held up to them. It can be used by foundation personnel to catch a CD hiding inside of a vent cover, or by CI to infiltrate the facility. CI are given it upon spawn, and foundation personnel can find it in the armoury.

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