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Hi guys, welcome to our Slime Quest Dungeon Adventure Guide, In this article, we will tell you about the game and some helpful tips. The Slime Quest Dungeon Adventure is an MMORPG game developed by LoadComplete. They also Legend of Slime which is very popular right now.

So come and take a look at this Slime Quest Dungeon Adventure Guide Wiki.

Slime Quest Dungeon Adventure Guide Wiki

In this game, your goal is straightforward, you have to increase the level of the slime and use different skills to defeat the waves of enemies constantly coming.

The player must continuously move the dirt to avoid enemies and beat them.

Slime Quest Dungeon Adventure Guide Wiki

Each character has unique skills that make this game very different. You can choose different skills and When you feel you are healthy then you have to pick up health from the box.


This world is full of unique slimes, Create new strategies with various slimes and defeat the enemy

Upgrade you characters

All slimes can become stronger through level-up. Increase ATK and HP through level-up!

The max level can be increased through Promote using Character Fragments.

Unique Ability & Promote

Each slime has various abilities. Some slimes have the ability to make all slimes stronger. Unlock these abilities with Promote

Slime Quest Dungeon Adventure Guide Wiki


Collect equipment Scrolls and level up equipment. Improve various abilities with equipment level-up!

Fuse equipment

If you have 3 equipment items of the same grade, you can Fuse them to obtain a higher-grade item. Each equipment grade will unlock unique Potentials!

Even if the equipment is fused, it’s Level and Potential

Potential options

Potentials of equipment can also be modified using Magic Stones. Make up your own strategy by using various Potentials.


Level up Mastery to obtain additional stats. Mastery can be raised up to your Account Level. Unlock the limit by gaining EXP through slime level-up and gameplay

Boss Raid

Participate in the Boss Raid” mode to fend off the giant boss attacking the slime stronghold.

Touch the timer display with the right timing to block boss attacks. Inflict as much damage as possible to get amazing rewards.

That’s it for this Slime Quest Dungeon Adventure Guide Wiki guide

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