Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List 2024 – Best Characters

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Are you looking for the best Characters in Snowbreak Containment Zone? Check out our comprehensive Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List 2024. Published by “Seasun Games Pte. Ltd.” it is a brand new Gacha game, Where you can collect so many heroes and use them in PvE, and PVP game modes.

In this Snowbreak Containment Zone guide, we rank all of the Operatives from SS tier to B tier. This makes it more difficult for new players, in particular, to figure out which Snowbreak Containment Zone Operatives to use in their team, while players must constantly check to see if their favourite units are still viable in battle.

So that is why we have put together this Snowbreak Containment Zone tier list, where we rank all the Operatives in the game for their overall strength in every game mode. Apart from tier list we have created Snowbreak Containment Zone Wiki page, where you can find so much useful information about this game.

Snowbreak Containment Zone characters Ranking Meaning

The “Characters” in the game are the Operatives you will use to battle opponents in both PvP and PvE modes.

Not all Snowbreak Containment Zone Operatives are strong; some perform best when coupled with specific Operatives or require synergy, whereas others are effective throughout all game types and don’t require synergy to realize their full potential.

You can use our list of tier list to determine which ones are the best Operatives in the game. Let’s take a look at the ranking standards or Tier rating guide before moving on to the actual tier list.

Snowbreak Containment Zone Operatives is ranked in Four primary Tiers on this list: Tier SS, Tier S, Tier A, and Tier B

Snowbreak Tier List 2024 – Best Characters (IMAGE)

Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List
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Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List – Best Operatives

Yao Winter Solstice (Sniper) – Snowbreak Tier SS

Yao Winter Solstice is a high-powered exoskeleton that harnesses the flames of the sun to deal devastating Thermal damage. As a powerful Sniper, she excels in long-range combat and bossing, making her a formidable force on the battlefield.

How to Obtain:

Winter Solstice can be obtained through the Battle Assembly Echo Pool and Duty’s Command Echo Pool.

Winter Solstice excels in long-range combat, making her ideal for bossing and dealing heavy Thermal damage from a distance.

Utilize Scorching Sun Awakening’s charge ability to reload Scorching Sun Bullets and deal explosive Thermal DMG to enemies.

Winter Solar Corona can trap enemies and deal continuous Burning effect damage, making it great for crowd control.

Master the Solar Flare state during her Ultimate Skill, Searing Resurrection, to maximize CRIT DMG Amplifier and damage output.

Her active skill, Scorching Sun Awakening, unleashes devastating high-damage shots, while her ultimate skill, Searing Resurrection, grants her a supercharged gun and reduces damage taken.

Manifest 1 is a game-changer, allowing her to reload her special weapon from Searing Resurrection.
Neuronics for both active and ultimate skills are crucial for maximizing her potential.

If you to learn more about Yao Winter Solstice, you can head over to our Snowbreak Yao Winter Solstice: Best Team & Build Guide Wiki Page

Fenny Coronet (Shotgun): – Snowbreak Tier SS

Off-Tank, Close Range/Break DPS

Initially seeming like an attempt to make a DPS shotgun operative, Snowbreak Fenny Coronet becomes a force to be reckoned with through her powerful self-buffs from the active skill, Optimal Condition, and AoE crowd control from the ultimate skill, Center Stage.

Shredding boss health bars in break states and negating the need for reloading during critical moments, she also directly buffs the active operative with her support skill, enhancing her overall value.

Manifest Power: While useful without manifests, manifest 1 provides a significant power boost. Sunny Payback is a recommended weapon for added quality of life improvement.

Recommended Neuronics: All six neuronics offer meaningful upgrades, making it essential to consider your preferred playstyle and investment level for Coronet.

If you to learn more about Yao Winter Solstice, you can head over to our Snowbreak Fenny Coronet: Best Build & Team Guide Wiki Page

Marian Swift (Sniper) – Snowbreak Tier S

Snowbreak Marian Swift

Long Range Single Target DPS, Bossing

An exceptional sniper with an unconventional twist – Snowbreak Marian Swift doesn’t require manual aiming. Her active skill, Cloud Shot, automatically locks onto designated targets, and her next normal shot follows suit. This allows constant mobility while delivering consistent DPS. However, aiming at marked targets enhances standard shots with an additional 20% damage.

Manifest Power: Heavy manifest investment is necessary to unlock her true potential, as her abilities’ power is predominantly locked behind manifests. Swift without at least manifest 2 drops to Tier 1, and without manifest 1 potentially even to Tier 2.

Recommended Neuronics: Both active skill and ultimate neuronic investments are valuable. Her support skills have more niche and situational value.

If you to learn more about Yao Winter Solstice, you can head over to our Snowbreak Marian Swift: Best Team & Build Guide Wiki Page

Fritia Little Sunshine (Assault Rifle): – Snowbreak Tier S

Little Sunshine

Support, Mid-Range Mobbing

As a support operative, Fritia stands out by buffing the active operative’s damage with her support skill. Her performance as an active operative is Tier 2, but her real value lies in her support ability.

Manifest Power: Useful even without manifests, but Strawberry Shortcake enhances her support skill’s value.

Recommended Neuronics: Both support skill neuronics are highly valuable. If used as an active operative, prioritize her active skill neuronic that increases its range for better group control.

If you to learn more about Yao Winter Solstice, you can head over to our Snowbreak Fritia Little Sunshine: Best Team & Build Guide Wiki Page

Enya “Big Sis” (Pistol) – Snowbreak Tier S

Enya - "Big Sis" (Pistol) - Snowbreak Tier S

Yao Support Slave, Mobbing/CC

Enya is an intriguing mix of abilities, attempting both mobbing and single-target DPS, which results in mediocrity in both aspects. Her active skill lacks sufficient range for groups of enemies not in close range, limiting its effectiveness. However, her support skill synergizes exceptionally well with Winter Solstice, amplifying the next shot’s damage by up to 40% and significantly boosting Winter Solstice’s power.

Manifest Power: Useful even without manifests, but Prismatic Igniter further enhances her support potential.

Recommended Neuronics: All of her neuronics provide meaningful upgrades. Prioritize upgrading her support neuronics to maximize support for Winter Solstice.

Marian Queen of Pain (Sniper) – Snowbreak Tier A

Marian - Queen of Pain

Long Range DPS/Burst, Bossing

Queen of Pain is on the brink of reaching Tier 0. She excels in dealing strong damage that rewards strategic positioning to maximize her passive buff to ADS ballistic damage while stationary. Her ultimate ability boasts a low cooldown and energy cost, making her excellent for mini-boss takedowns without feeling pressured to save it for major boss fights like Winter Solstice.

Smokescreen, her active skill, has situational use, providing a way to escape tight spots or deal bonus damage when using her ultimate after unlocking the corresponding neuronic.

Manifest Power: Useful even without manifests, allowing her to be effective in various scenarios. However, manifest 1 further enhances her performance, making her even more formidable. She isn’t reliant on a specific weapon, but Mark of Mesmer is recommended to enhance her ADS playstyle.

Recommended Neuronics: Prioritize upgrading her ultimate neuronics, followed by the other four for overall improvements.

Acacia [Redacted] (Pistol) – Snowbreak Tier A

Acacia - [Redacted] (Pistol)

Mobbing, Mid Range DPS

Acacia shines as one of the best mobbing operatives with her active skill’s bouncing daggers that devastate tightly packed hordes of enemies. Her ultimate, once upgraded, provides a damage boost and slows bosses, making it useful for supporting other DPS units in aiming for weak points under lower pressure.

Manifest Power: Valuable even without manifests, making her a top mobbing operative. Nexus is preferred for enhancing her skill damage.

Recommended Neuronics: Her active skill cooldown reduction neuronic is highly valuable, allowing more dagger recharges during combat. Investing in the neuronic that increases operative attack in her ultimate zone is also recommended.

Yao Quiet Quitter (Sniper) – Snowbreak Tier A

Yao - Quiet Quitter (Sniper)

Mid/Long Range General DPS, Healer

The only healer in the game, Yao excels as a sniper who becomes a fast-firing DPS with an endless magazine during her active ability, Fire Minute Break. Her healing utility through her support skill and ultimate cannot be underestimated and proves valuable in high-difficulty stages like Abyss Purge.

Manifest Power: Useful even without manifests, but her potential is maximized with manifest investments. A Frost sniper is recommended once her neuronics are unlocked for optimal performance. Olympus is an ideal weapon choice.

Recommended Neuronics: Both active skill neuronics are highly recommended to enhance her DPS. Prioritize the neuronic that allows her support skill’s healing drone to follow the active operative for added flexibility. Other neuronics can be upgraded based on individual playstyle preferences.

Lyfe Wild Hunt (Submachine Gun) – Snowbreak Tier A

WildHunt Lyfe

Close Range DPS, Mobbing/CC

A strong operative hindered by the limitations of the SMG gun class. Wild Hunt excels in mobbing and crowd control, potentially outperforming Coronet against groups of unarmored enemies. However, her damage drops off significantly against distant or armored foes due to the SMG’s reflection rate, damage dropoff, and recoil inaccuracy.

Manifest Power: Useful even without manifests, but manifest 1 significantly improves her skill uptime. Stardust Memory is preferred, enhancing her capabilities.

Recommended Neuronics: Both active skill neuronics are a high priority, as they directly impact her performance. The remaining neuronics may vary based on individual preference.

If you to learn more about Yao Winter Solstice, you can head over to our Snowbreak Lyfe Wild Hunt: Best Team & Build Guide Wiki Page

Mauxir Kitty (Submachine Gun) – Snowbreak Tier A

Mauxir - Kitty (Submachine Gun)

Single Target DPS, Bossing

Mauxir is the sole viable bossing SMG operative, thanks to her unique soul grab mechanic that allows her to bypass typical SMG weaknesses and deal effective damage to bosses. Her ultimate ability provides a potent self-buff, although the execution effect’s usefulness is questionable. While she excels in bossing, she may face challenges dealing with mobs.

Manifest Power: Useful even without manifests, but manifest investments are beneficial. Hypchlorous Acid is preferred as her weapon choice.

Recommended Neuronics: Both active skill neuronics are a high priority, while the others have less impact on her performance.

Fenny Lionheart – Snowbreak Tier B

(Shotgun – Close Range CC/Mobility)

Fenny’s Queen Bee ability makes her a one-trick pony, but it’s a really good trick. Queen Bee grants her excellent mobility and crowd control capabilities.

She synergizes well with Coronet, allowing her to deliver Coronet into a crowd of enemies for devastating attacks. Even without manifests,

Fenny remains useful, not relying on a specific weapon. Her Tiny Grains manifest has good synergy with her initiator role. Her active skill neuronics are strong and worth investing in.

Cherno Those Two – Snowbreak Tier B

Cherno - Those Two

(Submachine Gun – Close Range DPS):

Cherno is an oddball operative with interesting utility. Her active skill provides a useful area interrupt, and her support skill allows for repositioning. Her Clear Empty Skies ultimate ability summons Beloberg for strong damage output.

While it requires some control limitations, manifest 1 is recommended for Cherno to reach a baseline level of effectiveness. She can be played offensively with Arctic Fox or more defensively as an off-tank with

Hypchlorous Acid. All of Cherno’s neuronics provide meaningful upgrades, with the ultimate ability neuronics being a priority.

Lyfe Wednesday – Snowbreak Tier B

Wednesday Lyfe Snowbreak

(Submachine Gun – Close Range DPS – Mobbing):

Lyfe’s Wednesday version is a budget version of her SSR variant, Wild Hunt. Her attack drones lack meaningful damage and CC compared to Wild Hunt’s Frost Wolves. While her support and ultimate abilities have strong CC, they are overshadowed by her rarer variant.

However, with increased damage ratios, she can easily move up to Tier 1. Wednesday is not heavily dependent on manifests, but manifest 1 is usually obtained through free shards. She isn’t reliant on a specific weapon, with Duckling and Work-in-Progress both being strong choices.

Her neuronics provide meaningful upgrades to her abilities, especially those that refresh drone duration.

Haru The Ace – Snowbreak Tier B

(Pistol – Mid-Range DPS – Bossing):

Haru’s kit is a bit clunky, with abilities that don’t synergize well. Her active skill, Triple Tap, requires charging for maximum effectiveness, but the long charge time sacrifices gun DPS. While her ultimate ability applies a knock-up and provides decent follow-up damage via Sword of Oaths, it tries to do two things and isn’t particularly great at either. Her Vanishing Phantom support ability, meant as an execute against low-health targets, suffers from extremely low range, limiting its usefulness. Despite manifest and neuronic upgrades, Haru struggles to find a clear gameplay strategy. Star Ocean is her preferred weapon, but investing in it might be questionable considering her current performance.

Nita Hands – Snowbreak Tier B

Nita offers a solution in search of a problem. Her active ability provides strong close-range CC and generates substantial personal shielding. Coupled with her ultimate and support abilities as useful CC tools, she becomes a potent shield tank with high durability.

However, the game’s current state doesn’t require a main tank due to the lack of enemy damage. Additionally, Nita’s DPS output is not sufficient for her to be a viable shotgun DPS like Coronet, and she lacks the mobility of Lionheart.

Despite manifest and neuronic upgrades, Nita doesn’t find a solid place in the current meta, making her less desirable compared to other options for increasing DPS output.

TLTR Snowbreak Tier List Wiki

Snowbreak TierList –  SS Tier

Yao Winter Solstice (Sniper) – High-powered exoskeleton, excels in long-range combat and bossing.
SS Tier (Excellent):

Snowbreak TierList –  S Tier

Fenny Coronet (Shotgun) – Powerful self-buffs and AoE crowd control.

Marian Swift (Sniper) – Automatic locking on designated targets, great for long-range single-target DPS.

Fritia Little Sunshine (Assault Rifle) – Strong support operative, buffs active operative’s damage.

Snowbreak TierList –  A Tier

Enya “Big Sis” (Pistol) – Supportive operative, amplifies Winter Solstice’s damage.
Marian Queen of Pain (Sniper) – Strong long-range DPS and burst damage.
Acacia [Redacted] (Pistol) – Excellent mobbing and mid-range DPS.
Yao Quiet Quitter (Sniper) – Sniper with healing utility.
Lyfe Wild Hunt (Submachine Gun) – Great mobbing and crowd control.
Mauxir Kitty (Submachine Gun) – Effective bossing SMG operative.

Snowbreak TierList –  B Tier

Fenny Lionheart (Shotgun) – Excellent mobility and crowd control.
Cherno Those Two (Submachine Gun) – Unique utility with area interrupt and repositioning.
Lyfe Wednesday (Submachine Gun) – Budget version of Wild Hunt, good mobbing.

Snowbreak TierList –  C Tier

Haru The Ace (Pistol) – Mid-range DPS with clunky abilities.
Nita Hands (Shotgun) – Potent shield tank but lacks clear role in the current meta.

That’s it for this Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List – Best Operatives. Find the best game tier lists and game guides at Theclashify. Level up your gameplay today.

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