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Snowbreak Containment Zone is an RPG mobile game published by ‘Seasun Games Pte. Ltd’. In this article, we have built a complete database with Snowbreak Containment Zone Wiki Guide with all the information.

Check out everything there is to know about this game. Snowbreak Containment Zone Wiki includes the latest news, playable characters, tips and tricks here. Also Read: Snowbreak Containment Zone Codes and Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List

Snowbreak Containment Zone Wiki


Snowbreak Containment Zone is an immersive 3D science-fiction RPG shooter set in a devastated wasteland Which is also known as Containment Zone Aleph.

As the Adjutant to the Heimdall Force, a paramilitary group formed to combat the Titans, your mission is to venture into the Containment Zone armed with advanced weaponry and the powers of the Manifestations, individuals infused with the spirits of the Gods. Your goal is to bring an end to the bitter winter and overcome the colossal Titans threatening humanity.

Snowbreak Containment Zone Characters List

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Operative Name / Zone Characters Rarity Weapon DMG Type
Lyfe – Wednesday 4 Stars Submachine Gun Electrical
Fenny – Lionheart 4 Stars Shotgun Kinetic
Acacia – Redacted 4 Stars Pistol Chaos
Fritia – Little Sunshine 4 Stars Assault Rifle Thermal
Haru – The Ace 4 Stars Pistol Kinetic
Nita – Hands 4 Stars Shotgun Kinetic
Marian – Queen of Pain 4 Stars Sniper Rifle Chaos
Cherno – Those Two 4 Stars Submachine Gun Chaos
Yao – Quiet Quitter 4 Stars Sniper Rifle Frost
Enya – “Big Sis” 4 Stars Pistol Thermal
Mauxir – Kitty 4 Stars Submachine Gun Frost
Ling Yi – Teach 4 Stars Assault Rifle Electrical
Lyfe – Wild Hunt 5 Stars Submachine Gun Frost
Fenny – Coronet 5 Stars Shotgun Electrical
Marian – Swift 5 Stars Sniper Rifle Kinetic
Yao – Winter Solstice 5 Stars Sniper Rifle Thermal

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Snowbreak’s gameplay revolves around intense combat, hybridizing realistic futuristic weaponry with RPG-like skills. Players assume the role of the Adjutant to the Heimdall Force, a paramilitary group empowered with the spirits of the Gods known as Manifestations.

The primary objective is to defeat the colossal Titans and end the bitter winter that has befallen the world. Combat requires a strategic approach, with players employing defensive tactics, sniping weak points, and dodging powerful Titan attacks.

The game offers increasing difficulty levels to provide new challenges and a higher level of gameplay.

Weapons and Skills

Snowbreak offers a wide array of advanced firearms, designed to closely simulate potential future developments in technology. These weapons enhance the sense of realism within the science fiction world. Additionally, players can unlock and upgrade RPG-like skills that tap into the Containment Zone’s otherworldly qualities.

These skills bring depth and strategy to combat encounters, allowing players to customize their playstyle and adapt to various situations.

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The Titans

The Titans are formidable enemies that pose a significant threat to humanity. Overcoming their immense power and scale requires finesse and perseverance.

Players must learn to fight defensively, identify weak points, and exploit vulnerabilities to have a chance at victory. The game challenges players to push their limits, and success against the Titans unlocks even greater difficulty

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