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15 Wins Clash Royale Heal Spirit Draft Challenge Tips 2020

Top 10 Clash Royale Best Heal Spirit Decks Arena 11+ 2020

Hi, guys Clash Royale Heal Spirit Draft Challenge Tips 2020 is going to start from 6th Aprilv 2020 in Clash Royale, This is a Draft Challenge so Draft Challenge is a fun and unique Challenge where you and your opponent make each other’s Battle Decks! Each battle starts with a choice between 2 cards – you pick one and the other is given to your opponent, Remember: You know 4 of your opponent’s cards, but they know 4 of your cards so come and take a look at How To Win Clash Royale Heal Spirit Draft Challenge Tips 2020

Top 10 Clash Royale Best Heal Spirit Decks Arena 11+ 2020

I’ve seen a few folks complaining that Draft Challenge is too hard, or unfair, so I thought I’d share a few tips that have helped me get to 12 wins before. Hopefully, it will help out others.

  • Take your time picking – This would be my single biggest tip. You get a fair bit of time to think about choices. Especially with your last few don’t rush. Consider how well rounded your first 4 choices are, and what your opponent might have.

  • Look for air defense and anti-tanks – Hound decks can be unstoppable if you have no air defense. A Golem or Pekka can be pretty hard to stop too if you don’t have a good counter. If you have a choice I always go for the counters rather than the offensive cards, because I think it is an easier way to play an unfamiliar deck.

  • Steal your kryptonite – If there is one card you are really bad at defending, take it. Chances are you can even get by without playing it if you have to, and its better to not psych yourself out by putting it in your opponents hand and knowing its out there.

  • Prioritize cheap cards – Perhaps it is confirmation bias, but I seem to have my opponent dump a lot of expensive cards on me much of the time. For the cards I can control I try and pick cheap, so that I’ll have either a well rounded, or fast deck.

  • Try to strike first – In the first few seconds your opponent will be most off guard trying to size up what they’ve received. If you did a good job sticking them with poor synergies, they might even be Elixir deadlocked. A quick attack may score you some big damage, even if that isn’t your usual style.

  • Mind hard counters – If you have zap, take cards that it hard counters (Sparky, Inferno Dragon). If you have a tank, take the inferno tower. If you gave your opponent Sparky or ID, take the zap. By looking at the cards you have already taken and looking at the cards you’ve given your opponent, you can build your deck to be much stronger.

  • The unique strength of Zap – You never know what they might have in terms of swarms, Sparky, and ID. Zap is very often the more versatile choice compared to almost any other option it will be paired with.

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