Anime Souls Simulator X Passives Tier List Wiki 2024

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Out of so many passives in Anime Souls Simulator X, choosing the right one may be confusing for many players. This is where our latest Anime Souls Simulator X Passive Tier List wiki will guide you. Know the best passives to pick and upgrade your heroes.

Anime Souls Simulator X Passives are permanent boosts that a character can randomly have upon being opened from a star or by you rerolling a passive onto it manually.

These passives provide advantages such as increased energy, improved attack speed, enhanced damage, and more. You can Acquire and upgrade passives can significantly impact your performance in battles and overall gameplay.

Anime Souls Simulator X Passives Tier List 2024

Locating the Passive Machine:

  • Location: Visit Chainsaw City, the newest map in Anime Souls X.
  • Access: Head to the last map of Chainsaw Man to find the Passive Machine.

Acquiring Passives:

  • Passive Tokens: Earn Passive Tokens by defeating trade bosses, completing raids, and daily missions.
  • Token Usage: Spend Passive Tokens to spin for Passives in the Passive Machine.

Anime Souls Simulator X Passives Tier List

S Tier:

  • Antagonist (Eternal)
  • Destroyer (Mythical)
  • Prodigy (Eternal)
  • Tiny (Legendary)

A Tier:

  • Amplified III (Epic)
  • Lethal (Mythical)
  • Giant (Mythical)

B Tier:

  • Amplified II (Rare)
  • Flash (Legendary)
  • Prosperous (Legendary)

C Tier:

  • Shinigami III (Epic)
  • Reaper III (Epic)
  • Lucky III (Epic)

D Tier:

  • Amplified I (Common)
  • Lucky II (Rare)
  • Shinigami II (Rare)
  • Strong III (Epic)

F Tier:

  • Luck I (Common)
  • Reaper I (Common)
  • Strong I (Common)
  • Shinigami I (Common)
  • Lucky I (Common)
  • Strong II (Rare)
  • Reaper II (Rare)

That’s it for this Anime Souls Simulator X Passives Tier List

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