Barbarian Launcher Challenge Deck 2022 August

Hi guys, we are back with the Barbarian Launcher Challenge Deck, This is a Barbarian Launcher Challenge Deck Wiki where you find all excellent decks for Barbarian Launcher Challenge. In this challenge, Barbarians have temporarily taken over Place the Arena, and from this Barbarian Launcher Challenge, you can win the Barbarian Frenzy emote at 10 wins.

In this Barbarian Launcher Challenge, This Clash Royal Barbarian Launcher Card is a 5-elixir common card that’s a bit like a mortar except that it shoots Barbarians. Also, read here: Top 21+ Best Clash Royale Decks 2022

Barbarian Launcher Challenge Deck Wiki

PEKKA Best Archer Queen Decks 2022

Barbarian Launcher Challenge Deck

I don’t play this PEKKA Archer Queen Deck is very aggressively during the First Minute I would like to maybe play Bandit at the back, Barbarian Barrel at the bridge

This PEKKA Archer Queen deck relies on Control play and chip damage to destroy a tower with Bandit Combo, and if you make any mistakes, it could cost you.

If Pekka is not in My Hand I go for mini-pushes like Dark Prince on Bridge, Bandit on Bridge, Barb Barrel + Bandit Combo. In Double Elixir Time try t0 cycle Dark Prince+Bandit and defend with Pekka Continue Reading EKKA Archer Queen Decks »

Best Skeleton Dragon Barbarian Launcher Challenge Deck

Barbarian Launcher Challenge Deck

This Golden Knight Giant Skeleton Deck is very good for Barbarian Launcher Challenge Deck and The Giant Skeleton is the win condition, but you also have the Magic Archer, Goblin Drill, and Inferno Dragon, all of which synergize quite well on defense and have frequently shown you with tremendous counter-push potential when employing Giant Skeleton and Golden Knight.

In single elixir, you should play somewhat quietly and respond to your opponent’s unit choices. Make favorable elixir trades whenever possible, and keep track of your opponent’s counters for your Giant Skeleton.

Giant Super Witch Crown Challenge Deck

Barbarian Launcher Challenge Deck

This is a very aggressive, fast-paced Giant Witch deck that uses inexpensive cards to out cycle and continually push your opponent. You should play aggressively, but not so aggressively that you can’t protect yourself. Skeleton King may be used to counter push, and this deck has a lot of combos like Giant+ Witch, Giant+ Graveyard, and Skeleton King+ Witch, Skeleton King+Graveyard.

Skeleton Army and Minions will assist you in defense, while Arrow will assist you in eliminating opponents such as the Minion Horde, Goblin Gand, Princess, Dart Goblin, and so on. This is the best deck for the Super Witch Crown Challenge right now.

Hog Barbarian Launcher Challenge Deck Wiki

Hog Archer Queen Deck

This Clash Royale Hog Archer Queen Deck is quite similar to the 2.8 Musketeer Hog Cycle deck, but it helps you to defend against tanks and other Clash Royale Meta Deck because of Archer Queen Ability.

When pushing, the Hog is your win condition and should be played either behind the Ice Golem or in front of the musketeerArcher Queen Continue Reading Hog Archer Queen Deck »

Ram Rider Mega Knight Barbarian Launcher Challenge Deck Wiki

Ram Rage Challenge Deck

In this deck, Mega Knight is your main tank, so always use him. If you have a good elixir lead, try to take advantage of the enter the arena ability. I would only cycle this card behind your king tower if you have a good elixir lead.

Because Ram Rider will be in a permanent Rage in this Season 31 Ram Rage Challenge, and we all know how strong her snare ability is, you may counter a hog rider for one elixir more and have a strong counter push with Mega Knight and Archer Queen.

She can also counter a balloon, so you can use her on defense at times. The snowball is effective since it can knock units back, and the snare ability can effectively immobilize them.

Mega Knight Barbarian Launcher Challenge Deck 2022

Top 10 Super Witch Crown Challenge Deck 2022

This Mega Knight Balloon Witch Deck is straightforward to play against most of the meta decks in clash royale, In the early stage, Miner is a great opening play when using this deck. Always Dorp you Mega Knight behind King Tower never play at bridge.

In single elixir, your main aim is to survive until double elixir where you’ll get most of your tower damage with Miner and Balloon

Remember to Learn what deck the opponent is playing and try to bait out their main counter to your Mega Knight and Balloon.

Elixir Golem Barbarian Launcher Challenge Deck 2022

Skeleton Dragon Reign of Fire Challenge

In the early game, I recommend trying to activate your king tower with the help of Tornado as early as possible, this is particularly important against hog rider, bait and graveyard decks and You need to wait for the opponent to make the first play, always defend throughout single elixir and figure out what deck your opponent is playing.

you can play Elixir Golem at the back of your king tower and combined Elixir Golem with Battle Healer and Skeleton Dragon or Electro Dragon Continue Reading »

Electro Giant Barbarian Launcher Challenge Deck 2022

Skeleton Dragon Reign of Fire Challenge

The double prince combo is difficult to stop because one provides the splash and the other provides a heavy-hitting DPS unit. Your main air defense units are the electro wizard and the mega minion, never use these cards together unless you know your opponent can’t rush the opposite lane with balloon or hound, etc.

Always go for  Counter push if you get the opportunity but don’t over commit. Use the miner to help get some early chip damage and also support your counter push troops Continue Reading »

Electro Giant Best Barbarian Launcher Challenge Deck 2022

Electro Giant Archer Queen Deck

You can use Electro Giant as a Tank and  If you place him in the center and close to the river, you can utilize him to kite units into the other lane. He’ll be your key defensive unit against siege decks, so attempt to play opposite lane.

Tornado It is an area damage spell with a wide radius and moderate damage. The spell can be effectively used with the Baby Dragon and Archer Queen, the attacking units will be brought into Baby Dragon attack range automatically, which will remove low-moderate hitpoint troops.

This Electro Giant Archer Queen Deck is very good for Arena 14, if they used this Best Archer Queen Deck correctly, they can reach Clash Royale Leauge 3 very easily. In the early game, you can start out the match with the Barbarian Barrel or you can try to activate your king tower with Tornado as early as possible to help you out on defense throughout the rest of the match.

So, guys, this was the Top 10 Best Archer Queen Deck 2022 guide I hope you liked it.

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