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Best Fisherman Deck Clash Royale – Arena 11 to Arena 13

Best Fisherman Deck Clash Royale

Best Fisherman Deck Clash Royale Hi guys Best Fisherman Deck Clash Royale I will show you Top 3 Best Fisherman Deck Clash Royale – Fisherman Arena 11 Deck, Fisherman Arena 12 Deck, and Fisherman Arena 13 Deck, After using Fisherman in more than 200 games I found these 3 Decks very good and You can these decks in Grand Challenges and Ladder so 2 decks are:

  1. Hunter Golem Fisherman Deck
  2. Mega Knight Fisherman Deck
  3. Goblin Giant Fisherman Deck

1.) Goblin Giant Fisherman Deck Arena 11+

This I like to start with the Hunter, if it’s not in my hand, I try to cycle to it or I start the Goblin Giant from the back, it’s risky

If he uses the Inferno Tower to counter the Goblin Giant, don’t use the Goblin Giant until Double Elixir Time because Goblin + Lighting is very expensive Play very slow and focus on making positive Elixir trades.

This Deck’s play style can change depending on the play style of the enemy Deck. If you are playing against a slow and heavy build-up Deck, this Deck will play more aggressively as to continue to pressure the opponent so they can’t build up a huge push Continue Readin »

2.) Hunter Golem Fisherman Deck Arena 11+

Hunter Golem Fisherman Deck Arena 11

If your opponent starts with the Giant, Pekka or Any Other Tank Behind the king tower, I usually put My Golem down to soak damage on same lane Then, use Hunter + Mega Minion to quickly take out the Giant or any other tank. If the Golem is still alive I do counter push With Fisherman and Dark Prince

Since Dark Prince + Mega Minion Or Hunter is excellent at dealing with Giant, Royal Giant, Hog Rider, Sparky…

If your opponent uses Miner for Chip damage you can use Skeletons To deal with Miner Continue Reading »

3.) Mega Knight Fisherman Deck Arena 11+

The strengths of this deck is it’s defensive potential. With the Mega Knight, Magic Archer and Fisherman, you scan clean up most pushes and create a deadly counter push with Bandit and E Wiz

This deck also has the Inferno Dragon which has been a very strong card in the July Meta 2019. You can use Inferno Dragon to Kill Big Tak Like Golem And Pekka

Also with the meta having a lot of Giants, and Golems, P.E.K.K.A will easily counter those tanks with the Magic Archer shooting right through all the troops and If opponent using Goblin Barrel or any Bait Deck You have Log Continue Reading »

So guys These are Best Fisherman Deck Clash Royale – Arena 11, Arena 12 and Arena 13 I hope you liked

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