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Bleak Faith Forsaken Guide Wiki

In Bleak Faith, you may explore civilization’s ruins and learn about its beginnings while taking in the vast and interconnected environment. You can navigate the game’s intriguing and deadly surroundings, you’ll need to run, climb, and jump.

The battle experience in Bleak Faith is tough and intense since you must carefully manage your resources and plan your placement and timing. This game also has thrilling boss battles, each with a different soundtrack that will heighten the tension.



Is level-design and vertical game-play going to be a huge part of the game?

– Absolutely. When we say we’re making something different we mean this whole will be very different from the things you’ve played. To properly immerse you in something it has to feel foreign, and hard to predict.

Will there be level locked areas (Or like difficulty areas)? Since the game is intended to be open world, but has linear elements… How will that work?

-No. You can go anywhere at any time at your discretion. The world is big, you just have to worry about more than just enemies. You have to properly prepare and plan otherwise you’ll find yourself in more problems than enemies will create for you.

Will you be able to kill NPC’s? (Non combat enemies, will they even exist?)

– For the most part yes. I don’t imagine there’s anyone you won’t be able to just start a fight with, but there will be consequences.

How vital is inventory management going to be? Is it going to have a limit on how much you can cary (pls no QuQ)?

– Very vital, and yes. And also we intend on showing most of what you’re carrying visually. You’ll see, we’re giving the inventory a cool treatment – but it’s one of the things you have to always consider no matter where you are.

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