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Top 5 Brawl Stars Power Play Brawler for Gem Grab in 2020

Brawler for Power Play Gem Grab

Best Power Play Brawler | Brawler for Power Play Gem Grab Hi guys I will show you Best Power Play Brawler in Gem Grab, so Brawl Stars Power Play is a competitive way to play Brawl! With just three Power Play matches per day, you’ll need to win your games and climb the rankings to achieve glory and Star Points so come and take a look at this full guide

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Brawler for Power Play Gem Grab

Brawl Stars Power Play Tips For Gem Grab

When you are Playing in Gem Gram keep in mind that your main objective of this Gem Gram mode is to control the Gem Spawner, the center of the map. Do not attack blindly on Others Brawler to get Gems

All 3 Players should have 3 different roles in your team one player should always focus on the left side of the map, Second Player on your team to carry the gems. The third player should always focus on the right side of the map

The three roles in gem grab :

Gem Carrier: The one that controls mid, carries all of the gems if at all possible. The gem carrier’s main responsibility is to help the teammates win their lanes (gonna get into that), and to control mid so that the opponents have a difficult time controlling mid. Some good gem carriers include Poco, Jessie, Penny, Pam, and Piper on some maps. Do NOT play Mortis as gem carrier, as it makes the entire game a 2v3 for your team, making controlling mid very difficult.

Aggro: The one that goes aggressive. Not aggressive as in you-have-10-gems-and-you-see-a-bull-with-2-gems-in-the-other-team’s-spawn-that-you-really-wanna-kill, but aggressive as in keeping pressure on the opponents from one side of the map, in order to keep them back and thus maintaining control of mid. The aggro brawler will almost never collect gems, though in an immediate circumstance they can, but it’s the last choice. Some good aggro brawlers include Nita, Tara, Darryl, Mortis, Leon.

Support: The one that supports the gem carrier from the opposite side of the aggro. These are the brawlers that will help the gem carrier directly maintain control of mid. That might mean moving to mid in order to help the gem carrier defeat a large threat. The support brawler can pick up gems, as it’s also a passive role, but it’s still better for the gem carrier to pick up all the gems if possible. Some good support brawlers include Rico, Spike, Frank, and Barley.

Brawl Stars  Best Brawler For Power Play Gem Grab

1.) Nita: Nita is a great front liner in Gem Grab because of her super attack. She’s good here because she can be decent at taking out enemy brawlers and keeping them at bay.The bear can serve as a meat shield while Nita and her teammates secure the gem mine. Her basic attacks also deal a considerable amount of damage, making her a decent threat on her own.

2.) Colt: The second brawler we’ll be talking about will be Colt. Colt is good because he has that high DPS and super that allows him to break any walls enemy brawlers may be hiding behind.

Colt can be used as a Gem Carrier but he’s better being support. Always remember to aim your shots while using Colt unless enemies are at point blank range. It’s very easy to miss with auto-aim because his shots are very narrow.

3.) Spike: Spike is currently one of the strongest brawlers that can dominate in almost every mode. He shines the most in Gem Grab, however, as his ability to pressure tight areas and the gem mine far exceeds those of other brawlers. His basic attack alone can provide suppressing fire to anyone who tries to get close to the gem mine.

4.) Pam: Pam is the best tank when playing Gem Grab. Her healing turret is a lifesaver in certain situations where you want to either secure a spot in the map or keep the gem carrier alive.

She’s definitely the best for Gem Grab. She has insane control on the whole map pushing back the enemies and being able to collect gems without many problems.

Once you get your Super, put it behind a wall so enemies can’t destroy it too easily. This will allow you, and your teammates to heal in the area of your healing turret.

Pam might be a little harder to get because she’s an Epic brawler. But if you have her, I always recommend using her in Gem Grab.

5.) Mortis: Mortis needs to get really close to targets in order to to deal damage. While this normally would make him a rather poor pick for Gem Grab, his mobility makes up for it. Being able to dash around the map makes im a capable gem carrier. His super attack can additionally provide him with some much needed sustain in tight spots.

Do not play aggressively while using Mortis. Slow down and get the Gems when you have the chance. Take the oppoturnity to get all Gems at the beginning. Only use your Super on multiple Brawlers to get more HP.

So guys these  Best Brawler for Gem Grab, I hope you like this guide. Thanks for reading, have fun

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