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Brawl Stars Tara Tips 2020 | Brawl Stars Tara Strategies 2020

Brawl Stars Tara Tips 2019 Brawl Stars Tara Strategies Guide

Brawl Stars Tara Tips 2020 | Brawl Stars Tara Strategies Guide : Hi Guys Brawl Stars Tara Tips 2020 | Brawl Stars Tara Strategies Guide StupidEnclave hereToday I will Show you Brawl Stars Tara Tips 2020 | Brawl Stars Tara Strategies Guide a lot of requests for help with Tara and using her effectively. Quick disclaimer I am not a pro or anything at the game. I am a 2.5k player who absolutely loves playing Brawl Stars. I have been playing since global release and was lucky enough to get Tara early off and since then have pushed her to 400 trophies. Here is what I have gathered from using her.

Brawl Stars Tara Tips 2020 | Brawl Stars Tara Strategies Guide : Basics

First we have her base attack, Tarot Cards. She throws 3 cards in a fan style at a medium range (To put into context, Tara has a range of 8, and Jessie has a range of 9). Each card will do 400-550 damage ( based on level) and each card is piercing. Her reload speed is 2 seconds, which is pretty average for brawlers. Unlike Poco, her attack doesn’t hit everything in the cone, as the enemy has to actually be hit by the card, where Poco does a wave that doesn’t have a blind spot.

Next we have her Super, Gravity. She throws a black ball at a moderate speed. This can be thrown over walls. The range is a bit lower then Dynamike’s Base attack. Any enemy inside the AoE for the super will be pulled towards the middle of the AoE, then each enemy will receive 800-1100 damage (based on level). The explosion from the super can destroy walls but it is very weak an not recommended unless necessary.Brawl Stars Tara Guide 2019

Now we have Tara herself. Her health is comparable to the fighter class, and will have 3200-4500 health ( based on level) she the same movement speed as most brawlers.

Brawl Stars Tara Tips 2020 | Brawl Stars Tara Strategies Guide :

Before I dive in, note that she is a part of the Skirmisher class, which so far isn’t very clear on her purpose. She used to be in the same class as Spike, as a playmaker. This class has good chip damage and a super that helps the team push and wipe the enemy team. Brawl Stars Tara Tips 2020

First off, at the beginning of the match( lets use gem grab as an example), chipping at enemies will probably be your best option. Your goal is to get your super as quickly as possible, which will require 17 cards to hit. This means you have to be very aware of your range and using it to the best extent. I have seen people say that she should be used in close range as she has good burst damage. She is not a close range character. She does not have the health, speed, or damage to be a close range brawler. If you have to she can deal burst damage, but this will probably be for finishing a low enemy or when you are in danger. Rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t try to fight an enemy close range unless they have less than 4000 health or are caught in your super. Chipping at enemies and using your range to your advantage is probably your best choice. In gem grab, you should probably not be a gem carrier with you being up close in some situations and having lower health.

Once you have your super, this changes. You have two options. The first is to use your attacks and teammates to corral enemies into a position where you can catch most/ all of the enemy team. using this will require you to watch her reload carefully, as when you use the super, you should want to have at least 2 attacks remaining. Hitting 2 enemies with 6 tarot cards and the super explosion will deal around 4000-5000 damage, and if you have all 3, enough to kill most brawlers except the heavy weights. Brawl Stars Tara Tips 2020

This is amplified if you have a teammate that synergies well with the super ( Barley, Dynamike, Frank, and more). Another option is to play the sneaky game and try to surprise enemies with the super. The goal with this is to catch your opponents playing lazily with their positioning or forgetting you exist, in order to catch them off guard with the super and team following up).

This strategy becomes less effective as you level up, due to enemies who will bush check and stay aware of your location. This is also only really effective in bounty and gem grab, as heist ( Bad idea to play tara in heist) and brawl ball are to active to try and sneak.

Depending on how successful the super was, you may have your super back after using it. if you do have your super back, sneaking may be a good idea as the enemy team will be re-spawning and will have a difficult time finding you without any clues.

In Brawl ball, having your super at the beginning of the round will be great, as throwing it onto the enemies during the face off will most likely catch at least two enemies. If you do not have your super back, return to the team and begin to chip at enemies until you get your super back, then repeat the cycle. It is not worth trying to play bull and hide then ambush the enemies without your super, you will be deleted. Brawl Stars Tara Tips 2020

Tara is one of, if not the strongest brawler to play in brawl ball. I usually play her similarly to gem grab. Chip at enemies in order to get super, but there is a twist. if you think that you can get a goal without using the super or the enemy will get a goal soon Save it. Using the super at the face off can be incredibly effective and will most likely catch multiple enemies. This will usually lead to an easy goal for your team, and you will most likely have your super back for the next face off. Try to wait for a sec after the face off begins to throw it. Smart enemies will bait the super in order to safely get the ball, leaving you without a super.


Tara is a very team oriented brawler and will be much more effective playing with brawlers that compliment her and avoiding enemies that counter her.

Great with Tara

*Frank– Great AoE damage and super pairs well with gravity, can protect Tara with large health

Dynamike- Huge AoE damage

Barley- Same as Dynamike

Penny- base shot will hit every enemy in gravity and mortar will get guaranteed hit

Brock- Super does great AoE damage

Spike- Gravity+ spike super means enemies are basically dead

Good with Tara

Poco- Large cone damage for hitting all enemies, but damage doesn’t compare to other options

Jessie – Base attack will hit all enemies due to bouncing off enemies

El Primo- Diving the gravity will deal huge damage to enemy team, but isn’t consistent ( depends on the skill of Primo)

No No enemies

El Primo- More DPS, enough health to survive 9 tarot cards and gravity, and faster than you

Bull- Same as El Primo

Piper- Keeps you at range and can escape Gravity using her Super

Nita- Large health pool

Poco- Can heal everyone to counter gravity

Darryl- Can use super to escape gravity

Pam- She is a double edged sword. Her beacon will usually have enemies clumped close together, but the healing and Pam’s high HP makes it hard to kill her. try to line up attack to hit team and beacon, or kill beacon before using super

Conclusion ( or TL:DR)

  • Chip at enemies to get super
  • push enemies into good positions for super
  • Get close to deal damage when enemies are in super
  • Do not play close range unless enemy has less than 4000 health or is caught in super
  • Coordinate with team to have a more effective super
  • Watch out for Heavyweights that can survive your attacks and super

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Thats all of my Brawl Stars Tara Tips 2020 | Brawl Stars Tara Strategies Guide  , hopefully you learnt something and I’ll keep this updated. Peace.

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