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Call of Duty Mobile Best Class

Hi guys Call of Duty Mobile Best Class I will show you Call of Duty Mobile Best Class for Battle Royale, Call of Duty Mobile has six different classes to offer, ranging from the mechanic to the medic, who can work together in a match, employing your abilities and perks to guide the team to victory. This is one of the many things that make this game stand out from PUBG Mobile, which solely sees you dropping into a game and gunning for the Chicken Dinner.

Here’s a quick look at what each class in Call of Duty Mobile has to offer:

1. Defender: As the name suggests, you get the ability to place a deformable shield at any time, any place to protect you against enemy fire. This class also bumps resistance against all damage, except for bullets.

2. Mechanic: You get the ability to deploy an EMP drone to run continuous interference against hostiles, while also being able to add augmented sight to vehicles, hostile traps, and other equipment.

3. Scout: Your primary role is tracking enemies. You can throw a sensor dart to find out where the enemies are hiding or whether someone’s sneaking up on you. The Scout can also see fresh footprints of enemies who’ve recently been in the same location.

4. Clown: You’re the friend of zombies and a master of distraction. Throwing a toy bomb that’s in your arsenal summons zombies that only attack your enemies near them. You’re also safe from any random zombie attacks.

5. Medic: This is my favorite class among all as you’re the healer of the group and have the ability to heal more quickly and revive teammates faster than others. You can set up Medical Stations that immediately heal you, as well as teammates who will step into the healing zone.

6. Ninja: Last but not least, the Ninja class gives you the ability to move quietly and be able to use your grapple hook to traverse buildings and get closer to enemies.

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